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  • Whoever said dogs are man's best friend.

  • And yeah, that's do Big dog.

  • I've always heard timing is everything.

  • I hate to admit it.

  • You crazy dog.

  • That was kind of fun.

  • Now listen carefully, you stupid beagle.

  • I'm going to try to keep this blanket habit once and for all.

  • But I need your help.

  • I want you to keep my blanket for me And don't give it back.

  • No matter how much I plead, no matter how much I beg, no matter how desperate I become and no, this is not going to be fun.

  • You're going to bed without your security blankets.

  • I David to Snoopy to home for me.

  • I'm gonna break.

  • Have it this time.

  • I haven't slept for two days.

  • I want my blanket back.

  • I thought I could give it up with Can't Please give it back.

  • Please come out.

  • Blanket was you made a sport?

  • Please let me touch it.

  • I can't last much longer.

  • Let me touch your coat.

  • Hey, felt your full Charlie Brown because you own You know, I just read in a medical journal.

  • It said that a person who was deprived of his blanket by stupid people as it made It cannot survive for more than 48 hours.

  • My hands are shaking.

  • I'm not dizzy anymore.

  • I made it through E lines here.

  • I have a surprise for you.

  • Meet to Charlie Brown.

  • I want to make up for what?

  • Snoopy kids.

  • So I bought you a new one.

  • No stock.

  • It's not Woodstock.

  • It's a glove.

  • Uh, I apologize.

  • Snoopy.

  • I really thought the Katnik stored gotten Woodstock.

  • But it proved one thing, didn't it?

  • It prove you were willing to give your life for your friend.

  • You could have been killed.

  • I'm going to take him to the vets.

  • That's good.

  • You probably need a tetanus shot.

  • Gradually for good tetanus shots.

  • Tetanus shots are for horses.

  • Well, he looks like he was stepped on by a horse.

  • What's that all over your tongue?

  • Cat here.

  • You You really think so, Linus, You seriously think that Woodstock might be a Canada ghouls?

  • You like hockey?

  • Woodstock?

  • I just have a hard time believing that he could be Canadian.

  • He doesn't have the accent.

  • Perhaps he's a yellow billed cuckoo.

  • Uh 00 I see.

  • Maybe it's you who are, in fact, a yellow billed cuckoo.

  • More like a mockingbird, I'd say.

  • A mockingbird.

  • Yes, that could be it.

  • Mocking birds imitate the songs of other birds.

  • If what stock imitates the songs of other birds won't have copyright problems.

  • What about an eagle?

  • Can you imagine if Woodstock was a sort of baby?

  • Go?

  • I read once about an eagle carrying off a small child.

  • No, no, not like that.

  • You're supposed to use your claws.

  • I guess I never really did believe those eels stories.

Whoever said dogs are man's best friend.


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ピーナッツ - 男のベストフレンド (Peanuts - Man's Best Friend)

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