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  • squid Weirdo squid.

  • What's the crabby patty secret formula?

  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

  • I e Are you already kids?

  • YouTube's guava juice post the greatest.

  • So under the scene where two brave SpongeBob super friends compete head to head to test their knowledge skill on square sensory for the chance toe in the coveted golden pineapple.

  • But can they survive the chum bucket challenge?

  • It all comes down of this, Susan.

  • You've made it through two rounds of the competition and you're one round away from winning this golden pineapple of yours.

  • We'll find out across the carol.

  • Bring out the CHOM, please.

  • Here we go is what it looks like when I try to make lasagna, I'm gonna ask you a series of seven final SpongeBob trivia questions.

  • All you gotta do is answer five correctly and you win the golden pineapple.

  • But if you get three wrong well, you get jumped.

  • Are you ready?

  • Yes.

  • Go Question one.

  • When Pearl becomes manager off the Krusty Krab what did she and SpongeBob rename its quarrel crab?

  • Sure, coral crab is incorrect.

  • We were looking for the cuddly crab Susan.

  • That is one incorrect answer to more wrong and you get some dough Question to in the episode Imitation crabs SpongeBob and robotic Mr Grabs Sing the spaghetti song.

  • Recite the song, please.

  • Ravioli ravioli.

  • Hear me before Muli.

  • Correct Question three In the Krusty Krab training video.

  • What does the acronym poop mean After Who?

  • People order our Patties.

  • Two correct answers in a row.

  • Susan, how you feeling right now?

  • Feeling better?

  • Feeling better?

  • Food on a question Number four In the episode Dying for pie SpongeBob first gives squid word A sweater made out of what?

  • For employees Brotherhood Day eyelashes.

  • Correct thing is question number five in the episode Rockabye bivalve, SpongeBob and Patrick to adopt a baby scallop.

  • What do they name him?

  • Right?

  • 543 Spit it out.

  • What have you got?

  • Susan?

  • To one Go.

  • I got nothing is incorrect.

  • Sorry.

  • Soothe.

  • Correct.

  • Answer was Junior.

  • You're right, Susan.

  • Two more correct answers.

  • You're gonna win the golden pineapple.

  • One more wrong, you're gonna get shunned.

  • Question six.

  • SpongeBob's most prized jellyfish net, as seen in the episodes Nature pants and the pink purloin.

  • Er has a name.

  • What is the name of his jellyfish net Ruling that would be old, reliable, not getting from today.

  • All right, Susan, it all comes down to this.

  • This is the final question.

  • If you get it right, you win.

  • If you get it wrong, you get jumped.

  • Waited my whole life.

  • All right.

  • Final question.

  • SpongeBob and Patrick compete against each other.

  • In what year of the Fry Cook games.

  • Oh, my goodness.

  • SpongeBob and Patrick compete against each other.

  • In what year of the Fry Cook games?

  • Cool, but 25th Annual Fry Cook games the 25th.

  • I'll give you a chance to change it.

  • You think that's the right answer?

  • Probably not.

  • 25th come into the SpongeBob SquarePants YouTube channel, December 2019.

squid Weirdo squid.


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