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  • everyone.

  • Jennifer from Charles Speech with your pronunciation question.

  • Would it be ah, holiday lesson without my assistant?

  • This is Claire.

  • So today's lesson is on how to say the word Valentine.

  • I've gotten a lot of requests for this lately, and when I did a Google search, I found out why.

  • There are lots of characters and video games and movies with the name Valentine.

  • So Valentine can also mean a card that you signed to someone.

  • Or it could be a person's name, which we were just talking about.

  • And on February the 14th which is today, we celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, and Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers.

  • Who knew I surely did not.

  • So let's go ahead and jump right into the lesson.

  • So a word today is Valentine and Claire decorated the board for us, and so we're going to focus on three syllables vow in time.

  • So, of course, for this little syllable in you can say it a couple of ways you can say in or you can say, on.

  • The key here is that that syllable needs to be super short and relaxed un so let's start with the vow To do this, you are going to gently bite the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and make sure the air moves out of your mouth.

  • Do not pucker too much.

  • If you pucker your lips, it will sound like who, and that's a mistake that I hear often moved to that short, open vowel, a vow and then end by touching the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth.

  • Vow for that middle syllable, the unstrapped syllable you can either say in or un The key here is your mouth is a bit more close.

  • It's very relaxed, and that vowel is very short in.

  • I think it's easier to think about in because that's a word and it's easier to focus on that.

  • And then we're going to end with tiene.

  • And to do this, you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth.

  • Air is going to puff out, and then you're gonna move to that I valuable to do that open wide and then smile and then end with the end vow in time.

  • Val In time, Valentine Valentine Valentine.

  • And let's try that in a sentence.

  • But our money video game characters by the name of Valentine.

  • So we just want to wish you and yours a happy Valentine's Day.

  • What do you say?

  • Give him a happy Valentine's Day.

  • Happy Valentine's ing kisses to you.

  • Have a great day by everybody.



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VALENTINEの発音の仕方 - アメリカ英語の発音レッスン (How to Pronounce VALENTINE - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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