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  • I see you.

  • You can't see me But I see I see I see your big heart Don't hide it to fit into this shallow world Opened up Never afraid to be you The real you That's the best You and the only you anyone needs to know Someone like they're not meant for you Some will love it Those air your people Anyone that doesn't love the real you is not meant for you Keep giving your all toe Everyone shine bright like the sun I see you I see you don't fit in How could you When you were born to stay and down I see you're different but you will find your place I see you're different And what a blessing that is Don't settle for people who dim your light weight For those who like you a way from the spark Wait for the match It right People will show up in your life if you're patient and true to yourself I see you I see your big dreams Keep chasing, keep fighting for them But never lose sight of what's really important.

  • You can have it all and you deserve it.

  • You can have the ambition and the peace You can do whatever it takes while always doing what is right.

  • You can do what is best for you while always doing what is right for others.

  • I see you when you feel like giving up Never lose hope.

  • Enjoy the journey Every little step along the way Every person, every moment learn the lessons, noticed the blessing You deserve everything and more You deserve the setbacks, contrast, growth and the blessings Because they're all part of the magic of life.

  • I see you.

  • I see the pain.

  • No, the pain will pass.

  • Know that it was sent to make you stronger Everything is a gift if you choose to use it.

  • Every lesson is a blessed I see.

  • I know you're full of love Give that love wherever you can lead with your heart I know you have a big in This world needs more people like you Whatever they say be you the real you true you the best You whatever they think you know what's right.

  • Do what's rain Stand for what is right Live for what is right Whatever their opinion follow your own path.

  • Speak the truth.

  • Follow the truth live your truth.

  • I'm here but you don't need me.

  • I'm your eyes but you can see how guide you But you're free.

I see you.


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