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  • Charlie Brown.

  • He's just too shy with girls.

  • Come on, go for it, Charlie Brown.

  • I can't talk to that little red haired girl because she's something and I'm nothing.

  • If I were something and she were nothing I could talk to her for If she were something and I were something, then I could talk to her.

  • But she's something and I'm nothing.

  • So I can't talk to her for nothing.

  • Charlie Brown, You're really something.

  • Hey, what's the matter?

  • That big kid just pushed down that little readier girl.

  • What a bully.

  • He's going to push her down again.

  • Why aren't I tough?

  • Why can't I rush over there and savor?

  • Because I'm not tough?

  • I'm not anything I am.

  • I'll take care of him.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • You can relax, Charlie Brown.

  • He won't bother her anymore.

  • That's very comforting.

  • I'm a friend of a hero.

  • E e can't stand here all day turning this stupid rope.

  • Why doesn't she ever miss go on for ever?

  • I've got to get home.

  • I have a lot of homework to Dio, and my favorite TV program comes on in 15 minutes.

  • Besides, my arm is killing me.

  • She just missed maybe I'd have an opening to suggest that way ever makes one arm is getting Nam.

  • I can't even feel my fingers anymore.

  • I think I just throw the rope down.

  • Tell her I'm quick.

  • I think let go and walk going.

  • I could never see anything.

  • I see.

  • Say what to whom?

  • I always wanted to go up to that little red haired girl and talk to her, but I just couldn't because I was such a nothing.

  • And she was something.

  • If she had wanted to talk to me, it would have been easy because someone who was really something congest go right up to someone who is nothing and just talk.

  • I think your problem is mathematical.

  • Charlie Brown Mathematical.

  • If you add nothing and something, what do you get?

  • Well, something, I guess right now, if you subtract nothing from something, what do you get?

  • Still something very good.

  • Now, if you look supplies something by nothing, what do you get?

  • Nothing.

  • Five cents, please.

  • When you're a nothing, you have a hard time understanding anything.

  • E Don't feel big.

  • Brother, Will you help me with my homework?

  • Of course.

  • If you don't feel well, I'll be glad to help you.

  • What seems to be the trouble?

  • I had to dio I got sick.

  • Please, thinking about school have decided to study really high this year and become rich and happy with my homework every night I'll split with you.

  • Not the rich, just the same.

  • If I wink at that little red hair girl, maybe she'll notice me nothing.

  • Probably because she isn't here today.

  • The teacher thinks I have a problem with my eye and says I should go see the nurse.

  • What am I going to tell the nurse?

  • E never knew love could be so much trouble.

  • Yes, ma'am.

  • Our teacher told me to go see the nurse.

  • She thinks there's something wrong with my eye.

  • And well, I was sort of winking, You know, like this.

  • No, ma'am, I don't wink a lot.

  • The way things have been going, I may never wink again.

  • I can't believe this is happening.

  • I wink at that little red haired girl who wasn't even there.

  • The teacher sends me to the nurse.

  • The nurse sends me to the eye.

  • Doctor, I'm lucky I didn't try to give her a hug.

  • They'd have sent me to an orthopedist to fix my arms.

Charlie Brown.


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