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  • My name is Tulley Jarvis, and I'm the founder of Riel Things.

  • We make meditation cushions that are bigger, better and beautiful, so people can sit comfortably when they meditate.

  • We had spent seven years building this beautiful company and we had amazing customers and a wonderful vision.

  • But we just weren't getting the traction that we needed to really take off.

  • And I didn't really know what to dio be.

  • School changed my life.

  • It's changed my company out.

  • My energy came back.

  • My passion for the company came back.

  • We built this new website.

  • It's stunning, is gorgeous.

  • After we built the website, we had amazing customers come to us right away.

  • That's transforming continues to transform our company, so that's really exciting and mostly have to say my confidence is back.

  • One of the most amazing thing that's happened is in our in our first quarter, our sales of quadrupled and that is actually forcing us to scale up and we're expanding and we're growing, and it's very exciting and it's just a huge.

  • It's a huge gift.

  • So is a product based business.

  • I was like what we do sales we do marketing.

  • There were so many things that were being brought to us by Marine in the course that I didn't know what I knew, I needed to know I needed to know it better.

  • And it turned out it was like the best vehicle for me for learning, because it's so focused on online.

  • And yet at the same time, it's so much about service and marketing and sales and connecting with your customers.

  • And so well, we were focused so much on building a beautiful product.

  • Uh, we got that down, but we didn't spend as much time learning the parts of the business that really we needed to know to flourish and grow and what I needed to be confident.

  • Lead it.

  • And there's so much material to go back to, and I feel like I have this huge resource to draw upon that I have for life.

  • Marine creates a space for us to say Okay, build a business, be solid b financial, but build in the beauty building, the fund building, the expansion.

  • So allowing that in me as a female entrepreneur is permission to really thrive in the world.

  • And so I feel be school did that for me don't hesitate.

  • Sign up.

  • Give it all you've got.

  • Take it seriously.

  • Whatever you put in is gonna come back a hundredfold because you've got permission to create a business and life you love and I say go for it.

My name is Tulley Jarvis, and I'm the founder of Riel Things.


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