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  • IHS.

  • No, no, That's way, way.

  • Okay, let's go.

  • No, Again.

  • Sorry.

  • Different kind of sweet hanky, uh, raise.

  • Wanting to carry over.

  • Broken it like Chinese popcorns and seasoning.

  • So cool.

  • Carry sold sugar much up with your sweet You know, it's a press for British people.

  • Fancy British people.

  • Let me get this car natural.

  • A better start with a bit savory before we move on to the sweets.

  • Just got some castor beans.

  • So if someone asks, I don't just say that I only cakes And then here's my drink.

  • I just said 100 said natural.

  • Oh, it's very sweet.

  • That's like a medal.

  • No, really going on there.

  • 70 minutes.

  • No way.

  • Have a capes one I don't know.

  • I know, I know.

  • I don't remember people giving you a time limit.

  • I mean, here they feel like a like a sell by date way Got 70 minutes.

  • Yeah, we had to leave up this time, which feels long.

  • Marine cakes, But is pressure is, um Buffett called Viking in Japanese.

  • I don't know, way pulls it, google it and then I'll pretend I knew I don't even know what questions to write.

  • Jesus.

  • But before you get that time.

  • There's a movie like lots of scenes way kind of like different gates.

  • And if you think this is a lot of the selection, your mistaken it's less than half.

  • It's really green, to be honest, a light green tea has a t like food thing was the red cheesecake that was going on.

  • You're she got out.

  • You can get something, right?

  • Yeah.

  • And then you want some more again?

  • Yeah, that was great fun.

  • One term, it's It's a pizza restaurant.

  • Was it so expensive to buy pizza?

  • What's the reason for that?

  • I don't know.

  • Really.

  • How much?

  • Well, it can't be that much because I had every day when a student everybody delivery.

  • Yeah.

  • Pizza, Garlic bread, one liter bottle of university.

  • Long.

  • So in Japan, this is a Christmas cake.

  • Is it?

  • Yes, I would say that's no question.

  • Yeah, you know, really dense having a little look around restaurants, I'd say nine thoughts because this week what do you think, E I mean, yes.

  • I don't know what Maybe you have the kind of culture well, but guys into high.

  • That is like, Are you saying I should have been hiding?

  • I e I think just a good idea.

  • But Inter found, you know, very manly T k.

  • I think I'm gonna for a while.

  • I do not feel well because I eat about 12 cakes Me is not a surprise.

  • I had so much fun.

  • Yeah.



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イギリス人がスイーツバイキングへ行ってみたTrying (イギリス人がスイーツバイキングへ行ってみたTrying)

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