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  • hey everybody Jennifer from tale speech with a few medical terms for you today

  • the question is how do I pronounce seizure which means to have convulsions

  • or sterile which is the and sterile which means totally clean let's take a

  • look at these words and jump right in for the word seizure gonna tell you kind

  • of ignore the spelling it confuses a whole lot of people and let's think

  • about two beats this word see it's like I see you and then sure the sound and

  • English is like an SH sound Shh you make with rounded lips except your voice box

  • is on and moving from that CH sound then we're going to move to the or and you're

  • going to do that by having square tense lips and you're going to either point

  • the tip of your tongue down away from your teeth or flip it back just do not

  • touch your teeth and do not let that tongue move let's put that all together

  • see zher seizure seizure seizure and for sterile you have two options

  • I pronounce and I think I hear most people say stare like you're climbing

  • the stairs or you're staring and you're looking at someone and then they add an

  • OLE so again stare you're gonna move your mouth for that air sound and

  • remember for that st no sound comes before it it's not s it's just and

  • there's no sound between those it's not

  • to do that you're going to say in a sound and let the air move out of your

  • mouth and quickly just touch your teeth for the teeth and they move to the air

  • vowel do that by opening your mouth and then moving to that or sound as we

  • discussed up here stare and then add an ol o gonna do that by opening your mouth

  • kind of adding a little off sound and then touching the back of your teeth

  • with the tip of your tongue for that L sterile sterile sterile sterile

  • I also hear some people say stirol' and to do that you're just going to say an

  • ER sound so we have sterile and stirol' so let's try it both of those words

  • seizure seizure seizure sterile sterile sterile and I give you two sentences the

  • patient had a seizure and the doctor is sure to use sterile instruments give

  • those both to try and no people are going to notice the difference if you

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  • soon

hey everybody Jennifer from tale speech with a few medical terms for you today


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STERILE&SEIZUREの発音の仕方 - アメリカ英語の発音レッスン (How to Pronounce STERILE & SEIZURE - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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