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The journey between Tokyo and the mountain town of Takayama is often made by tourists,
with a number of routes available which incorporate various modes of transport including train,
bus and airplane.
For this trip, we wanted to focus on the route via the city of Toyama, which is located on
the Sea of Japan coast and offers much to visitors who decide to explore the city on
their way between Tokyo and Takayama.
My name is Sam Evans, and today I'll be doing just that
Here's the plan: We start off the day in Takayama, and take a stroll around its popular
morning market before heading north to Toyama city.
To do this, we'll take a Wide View Hida Train along the Takayama Line.
After arriving in Toyama City, we'll head straight over to a local restaurant to enjoy
a delectable sushi lunch, and then move to another part of the city where we'll take
a boat ride and enjoy scenic views along the way.
After alighting, we'll head to one of the area's most attractive art museums before
making our way back to Toyama Station and then on, by shinkansen, towards Tokyo.
So follow along, as we go on a train trip from Takayama to Toyama City.
So we start the day today in Takayama, and after this we are going to head north and
check out some of the famous attractions in the city of Toyama.
But right now we've got a little bit of time before our train so let's check out
Takayama's famous morning market.
From Takayama's old town we make the short walk to Takayama station at which point we will board
the Wide View Hida towards Toyama City where we will have lunch near the station.
So we've just arrived in Toyama and what better way to begin any visit to this city
than with some local Toyamawanzushi, and we're here at Mikizushi and we are about to enjoy
a course lunch, so let's do it.
Following our lunch at Mikizushi, we head back to the station, from where we will board
the Portram to Iwasehama station.
The pier where we will board our cruise boat is located only five minutes away from the station.
So, we've just finished the boat cruise and now we're enjoying some really nice views
in this park and in a minute we're going to head over to the building behind me which
is the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design.
After the museum, it's time to end our day and make our way towards Tokyo by Shinkansen.
Another way to travel back to Tokyo is by taking one of the multiple flights departing
daily from Toyama Airport.
Thanks for joining me, I hope this video has been enjoyable and even inspire some ideas,
should you travel to Toyama city.
For more information about our itinerary or to watch another video, click the links on
the screen now, or head over to Japan-Guide.com, your comprehensive up-to-date travel guide,
first hand from Japan.
Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for more videos
about Japan.
Happy travels.


富山へ行こう! (Exploring Toyama City from Takayama | japan-guide.com)

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