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Boomer, have you ever been to Nikko before?
It's age-yubemanu!
It looks really tasty!!
Oh, yeah it is really good!
A few weeks ago, Boomer and I, along with our friend Sebastien
hopped on a train from Tokyo to Nikko!
I usually try to visit Nikko at least once a year
But this time we tried to see and do as many things as possible during our trip.
Here you are!
This one's been filtered so the flavor is different.
It's a controllata!
How do you say greenhouse?
It's "Onshitsu!"
Normally you have to compete with everyone
just to get good strawberries
but they gave this whole room to us!
This one greenhouse down here is all ours!
We made it so that we can expand the lanes
so that you can pass through with a stroller or wheelchair.
How nice of you!
We have about ten minutes to get ready
and then we're going downstairs to dinner!
Time to make extra extra extra EXTRA room for all this food!
Oh they're good!
So, Boomer just ate one of THESE! (UMEBOSHI)
What did you think?
It was good
most people hate that if they don't like Japanese food.
Another delicacy of the Japanese morning (NATTO!)
Sure let's try it!
It's a little bitter but not too bad...
You did it!
We"re about an hour north of the main Nikko station
and now we're seeing mini-kamakura (Snow Huts)
We're ready to go!
I think we're about 1,200 meters high?
So we're pretty high up there...
doing cross-country snow-shoeing.
The soil here is red underneath the snow!
Hey everyone welcome to day two and our second hotel
I think today completely drained all energy!
The snowshoeing was really fun!
Maybe we should try skiing next but it took a lot of energy.
And now we are done for today. We're gonna have dinner, and then that's it before tomorrow
We have another full day before we head back to Tokyo so I think we're just gonna call it a day.
have some dinner and
Just chill!
We will now begin the zen meditation time.
Of all the places in Japan the one spot I keep coming back to is Nikko.
To hang out with friends, for good food...
and to feel at ease while exploring more of Japan, while not being too far from home.
Have you ever been to any of these spots and Nikko? Let me know in a comment below!


イチゴ狩り・スノーシュー・座禅:48時間の日光旅 (48 Hours in the Mountains of Nikko, Japan)

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