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  • I estimate to some confusion for receiving your letter.

  • Mr Dumbledore.

  • In all the years, Tom's Bean, his never once had a family visitor have bean incidents with the other Children.

  • Nasty things, Tom.

  • You have a visitor.

  • How'd you do, Toe?

  • Don't.

  • There's a doctor on.

  • You know I'm a professor.

  • I believe you.

  • She wants me.

  • Let I think I'm different.

  • Or perhaps they're right.

  • I'm not mad.

  • How?

  • Horse is not a place for mad people.

  • Once a school school of magic.

  • You can do things, can't you, Tom?

  • Things other Children come.

  • I could make things move without top treatment.

  • I could make animals do what I want without training them.

  • I could make bad things happen to people who mean to me commit them heart.

  • I want Who are you when I'm not you, Tom.

  • I'm different.

  • Prove it.

  • I think there's something in the water trying to get out.

  • Thievery is not tolerated And awards Hogwarts to be taught not only how to use magic, but how do controls.

  • You understand me?

  • I can speak to snakes too.

  • They find me.

  • Wish I think.

  • Is that normal for someone like me?

I estimate to some confusion for receiving your letter.


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ダンブルドアとトム・リドルの出会い|ハリー・ポッターと半純血のプリンス (Dumbledore Meets Tom Riddle | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

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