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  • Alright, let's be honest!


  • Is there something else you're supposed to be doing right now?


  • Do you have a paper due in 10 hours?

    10 時間以内に提出しなければいけないレポートはありますか。

  • Is there a stinky pile of laundry slowly inching its way across your bedroom floor?


  • You should be doing those things but instead, you're here listening to me lecture you on YouTube.

    そういったことをすべきはずなのに、代わりに YouTube で私のレクチャーを聞いています。

  • Wait wait wait wait wait, don't go away just yet.


  • The next five minutes will be the most productive bit of procrastination you have done all day.

    次の 5 分間は、あなたが一日中やっていた先延ばしの中で最も生産的なものになります。

  • And you're not the only one procrastinating.


  • Thanks to a suggestion by one of our viewers, today's episode of WellCast is going to bring you a three step program to wrangle your monster of procrastination into submission.

    視聴者の一人からの提案のおかげで、今日の WellCast のエピソードは、あなたに先延ばしのモンスターを服従させるための 3 つのステップを持って来ます。

  • About 20 percent of the population identifies themselves as chronic procrastinators.

    人口の約 20 % の人が、自分自身を慢性的な先延ばし者と認識しています。

  • People who constantly put off the things that they really need to do.


  • And that is because procrastination is about lying to yourself.


  • You know, telling yourself, "Uhh! I will have plenty of time to finish that paper tomorrow," when you know you are way behind.


  • In a recent study, two groups of university students were signed to write three papers in three weeks.

    最近の研究では、大学生の2つのグループに、3 週間で 3 つの論文を書くように指定しました。

  • Group A was given the opportunity to turn in all papers in at any point during those three weeks.

    グループAには、この 3 週間の間、いつでもすべての論文を提出する機会が与えられました。

  • Group B, on the other hand, had strict weekly deadlines for each paper.

    一方、グループ B には、各論文の週次締め切りが厳しく設けられました。

  • Ultimately, the ones who did the best on the papers were the ones given the strict deadlines.


  • Group A, the students who had to pick their own deadlines, they did pretty poorly.


  • Clearly, humans are not the best at regulating themselves.


  • So when it comes to procrastination, you have to trick yourself in getting the job done.


  • And this brings us to our WellCast three step method for stopping procrastination.

    そして、ここからは、先延ばしを止めてくれる WellCast の 3 つのステップに繋がります。

  • Please pause and print out your worksheet at

    一時停止して、 でワークシートを印刷してください。

  • Okay, are you ready?


  • Step one: eat an elephant.

    ステップ 1:ゾウを食べます

  • Hey, how do you eat an elephant?


  • One bite at a time?


  • Look, what I'm saying is, you need time to digest or you are gonna make yourself sick.


  • Reward yourself for getting through parts of the project rather than waiting to reward yourself after the whole thing's over.


  • Okay procrastinator, think about that one project that you really need to get done, but calm down.

    さて、先延ばし者よ、あなたが本当に完成させるべき、1 つのプロジェクトを考えてみてください。しかし落ち着いてね。

  • Instead of letting it overwhelm you, organize that project into small bite-size manageable segments.


  • Think about what needs to get done and write down what you're going to be doing to tackle this project hour by hour, and make it specific.

    何をしなければならないのかを考えて、1 時間ごとにこのプロジェクトに取り組むために何をしなければならないのかを具体的に書き出しましょう。

  • By breaking down this giant project into smaller tasks, this elephant will become a lot less daunting.


  • Step two: pick off the itsy-bitsy Goblins instead of going for the whole dragon.

    ステップ 2:ドラゴンを狙うのではなく、ちっちゃいゴブリンから退治しましょう。

  • The hardest part about starting any project is always starting a project.


  • A good way to get around this is to start a project off with the task you like the best.


  • Listen, when you do something that you like, your brain releases dopamines which makes you happy.


  • Maybe it's decorating a cover of a report, writing a snappy intro into an otherwise incredibly boring paper.


  • Step three: ignore the iren's songs.

    ステップ 3:セイレーンの歌は無視して

  • Seriously.


  • This step is straight out of Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey.


  • In The Odyssey, our protagonist Ulysses is trying to get home.


  • Unfortunately, this requires maneuvering through a strait of water where sailors are often lured under the rocks by creatures called "sirens."

    残念なことに、これは海峡を通り抜けなければなりません。そこでは船員はしばしば "セイレーン"と呼ばれる生き物に岩の下に誘い込まれます。

  • Instead of giving up, Ulysses instructs his crew to tie him to the mast of the ship and for all of them to plug their ears.


  • No matter how much he yells and screams to head towards the beautiful sirens, the sailors must keep on track.


  • We're not saying that you need to actually tie yourself up to anything,


  • But you should plan to clear any distractions that will hamper your ability to procrastinate later.


  • For example, if you're a sucker for Facebook or online video games, have your parents or your roommates change the internet password to keep you on track for studying.

    例えば、Facebook やオンラインビデオゲームに夢中になっている人なら、親やルームメートにインターネットのパスワードを変更してもらって勉強に集中しましょう。

  • The less temptations you give in to or have the ability to give in to, the better you'll be at acing that exam.


  • Okay kiddos, let's recap.


  • The best way to get around procrastination is to trick yourself into doing the work.


  • Haha, it's true though.


  • We recommend that you do this in one of three ways.


  • Number one: breaking your tasks into segments, in other words, you got had to eat that elephant.

    その 1:タスクを分割して、言い換えれば、その象を食べなければなりませんでした。

  • Number two: start with the most enjoyable part of the project.

    その 2:一番楽しいところから始めましょう。

  • Go for those itsy-bitsy goblins.


  • And number three: avoid that siren song.


  • Clear out those distractions and see you can get the job done.


  • Are these tips of help?


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  • Or leave a comment down below.


  • We'll see you next time.


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