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  • Hi! Today I'm going to talk about my absolute favorite travel accessory.

    こんにちは!今日は私のことについて話します 絶対好きな旅行用アクセサリー。

  • Actually, I will say it's my favorite everyday and travel accessory and it is the Bandolier!


  • I have been using this brand - or this case - this phone case purse strap for years now.


  • Ever since I found out about them, I became a huge fan and I have not used any other case since I found them.


  • Why? Because there's a lot of reasons why and I'm gonna that tell you why I love this case so much.


  • I love it so much that a lot of my close friends now use Bandolier or have a Bandolier.


  • And obviously, Crystal, my sister, she got on board as soon as she saw how convenient it was


  • and really wanted one too after she saw me wearing it and using it.

    あと本当に欲しかった 彼女は私がそれを着て使っているのを見ました。

  • So what is the Bandolier?


  • It is a phone case that not only holds your phone,


  • but also has a strap.


  • And this strap is also removable and adjustable.


  • Well, the design that I have right now this one is.


  • But they have a variety of designs.


  • Some straps are thinner. Some are thicker. Some are adjustable. Some aren't.


  • But the one thing they all have in common is that you can remove the strap from the casing.


  • So if you want to buy a different strap, but you don't want to buy a different case

    別のストラップを購入したい場合でも、 別のケースを購入したくない

  • that's totally doable because they sell just straps which is great because in the past, when they first came out


  • they didn't have that option, so I'm so glad that they provided that

    彼らにはそのオプションがなかったので、私はとても嬉しいです 彼らが提供したこと

  • because as you can see, I'm a huge fan and I love to have a variety of straps.


  • These are all the straps that I have depending on my outfit

    これらは私が持っているすべてのストラップです 私の服に応じて

  • but my go-to is is the black because black usually matches a lot of things.

    でも黒は黒なので 通常、多くのものに一致します。

  • So this is the one I'm wearing today and one of the great features about this phone

    これは私が今日着ているもので、 この電話の優れた機能

  • or not the phone, but the phone case -


  • well, why I fell in love with it is because it came with a crossbody strap.

    まあ、私がそれに恋に落ちた理由は クロスボディストラップが付いているからです。

  • Now when I was searching for a phone case that came with a strap

    今私が探していたとき ストラップが付属した電話ケース

  • the only options I was able to find were the ones that you wear around the neck

    私が見つけることができた唯一のオプションは 首の周りに着るもの

  • or the strap was super short that it wasn't really a type you want to wear like as a crossbody


  • or it was just like a really short handle and those just were not the options I was looking for


  • so when I found the Bandolier and I saw that you can actually wear it as a crossbody and it'll fall on the hip,

    Bandolierを見つけたとき、 実際にクロスボディとして着用すると、ヒップに落ちます。

  • I was like okay I'm sold, I need it because that's what I've been looking for

    売れたら大丈夫だった それが私が探していたものだからです

  • and I don't know why other - I don't know I couldn't find this before

    そして、私はなぜ他のことを知りません- これを前に見つけられなかったのかわかりません

  • it was just so hard to find what I was looking for


  • or if I did find something that was kinda similar, the case was cheap or it was just made cheaply


  • and I just wasn't comfortable with my phone being secure

    と私はただ快適ではなかった 私の電話は安全です

  • but these are very well made.


  • The strap is leather. They do have vegan options or fabrics like this. Not all of it is leather.


  • But they stand by their quality. If, for whatever reason, the casing breaks I believe there's a one-year warranty


  • and that has happened to me before where the case broke.

    そしてそれは起こった 事件が壊れる前に私に。

  • But they have since redesigned their casings and it's much, much easier to take out your phone now


  • so I love that they're constantly evolving and making things better.

    彼らが常に進化しているのが大好きです 物事をより良くする。

  • So that's another reason why I always stick to the Bandolier cases.


  • So I've showed you this strap. This is my favorite one right now.

    このストラップをお見せしました。 これは今私のお気に入りです。

  • It's a black strap. It's thick and it's also adjustable.


  • I really like the length of this strap.


  • Crystal, on the other hand, my sister, her go-to strap - this is the one I used to always use

    一方、クリスタル、私の姉、彼女の頼りになるストラップ- これは私がいつも使っていたものです

  • is this thin black one and this is much longer and it's not adjustable

    この薄い黒いものであり、 これははるかに長く、調整できません

  • but this is kind of her go-to strap.


  • Another strap that she really likes, that we both, have is this gold one

    彼女が本当に好きな別のストラップ、 私たち二人が持っているのはこの金色のものです

  • which this matches a lot of outfits that that are more dressy I guess you want to say


  • So it's a great option - like these are our two favorites is the gold - I think this is called the Belinda strap


  • I even have the name memorized


  • and then the black.


  • And I like to have these straps sometimes.


  • I wear a lot of black so having just like a hint of color with my black outfits


  • it's great to have some straps that have like these funky designs.

    それはいくつかのストラップを持っているのは素晴らしいことです これらのファンキーなデザインが好きです。

  • So I have obviously grown my collection over the years because I'm a huge fan


  • and right now I want to say what I'm looking forward to using is this design


  • which they just came out with not too long ago


  • because it is the holidays and I think this is gonna look great with the holiday dresses or New Year's Eve party.


  • It's like nice and cool like sparkly - I guess you want to say kind of


  • but I also want to kind of get into some of the other features that the Bandolier has.

    しかし、私はまた、いくつかに参加したいです Bandolierが持つ他の機能の。

  • I know I already mentioned - I think I mentioned it - what I love about these cases

    私はすでに言及したことを知っています-私はそれを言及したと思います- これらのケースの好きなところ

  • is that there is a place in the back where you can hold your cards and that is amazing.


  • I like that I can go out of the house just with my phone.


  • I already know I have my driver's license and my credit cards with me

    私はすでに自分のドライバーがいることを知っています ライセンスと私のクレジットカード

  • so that's what I really like about the case is that you can also store cards in the back of it

    それが私が事件について本当に好きなことです カードを後ろに収納することもできます

  • and it also has like a little button here so it makes sure -


  • so even if you're holding your phone upside down, the cards won't fall out.

    だからあなたがあなたの携帯電話を持っていても 逆さまにしても、カードは外れません。

  • Before when I first found out about about the Bandolier, it was just the case and the strap


  • but they have expanded their designs which is great


  • because there were times when I had my phone with me but I still had in my hands the keys


  • and I'm like, there's just nowhere to put these keys


  • so they came out with an attachment that you can put to your Bandolier in this pouch

    彼らは愛着を持って出てきた このポーチでBandolierに入れることができます

  • and they have different designs, this is just one of the designs I have that matches this case


  • but I also have a black one.


  • So in here, I could put my additional items like car keys, lip gloss, maybe a little tube of hand lotion


  • and that's what I use this for.


  • Another feature that they added that they didn't have before, because there were no Airpods before


  • but now there are there are Airpods, you can now add an Airpods case to your Bandolier

    でも今はAirpodsがあり、 BandolierにAirpodsケースを追加できるようになりました

  • and I have done that because I have upgraded my headphones to Airpods

    私はそれをしたので ヘッドフォンをAirpodsにアップグレードしました

  • and when I first had my Airpods, I was carrying it around with me or put it in my pocket and I kept losing it


  • and I'm like, ugh, I wish there was another option


  • besides just holding it or putting my pockets


  • and of course, Bandolier saw that problem and they came out with the Airpods case


  • that I can just attach to my Bandolier


  • which you know, usually if I have the pouch though, I just put the Airpods in the pouch


  • because I just don't want to have all these attachments to my Bandolier


  • but this is just to show you what it could look like if you wanted to go ahead and use all three


  • but usually I just use either or.


  • If I'm just carrying my Airpods with the phone I'll just use this

    Airpodsを携帯しているだけの場合 電話ではこれを使います

  • or if I'm gonna use the pouch here then I'll go ahead and throw in my Airpods in here.


  • So what did I go through - I went through, let's see... the different designs that they have

    それで私は何をしましたか-私は通過しました、見てみましょう... 彼らが持っているさまざまなデザイン

  • like the straps from thin to thick to adjustable.


  • Awesome designs. They're always coming out with new designs.

    素晴らしいデザイン。 彼らは常に新しいデザインで登場しています。

  • Let's see... Oh yeah, and if you upgrade your phone, they're usually really fast with upgrading the cases.


  • So every time I upgraded my iPhone, I knew that there was gonna be a new Bandolier waiting for me


  • because cannot go back to just a regular phone case.


  • Every time I've grade my phone I have to have a new Bandolier case for it


  • because I'm just so attached to it. It's just so convenient.


  • So that's great that they keep up with the times


  • and whenever the new phones come out, they're ready with the new cases.

    そして新しい電話が出てくるたびに 彼らは新しいケースの準備ができています。

  • I love the card slots in the back


  • and they actually do have new cases now where the slot looks a little bit different.


  • It's kind of like um... there's a button this way when you open it up.


  • It's kind of hard to explain but if you go on their site, you'll see what I mean


  • but they have a little bit of a different design now for the cases

    しかし、彼らは少し持っています ケースの異なるデザイン

  • but I'm happy with this case so I don't mind this style.


  • I'm sure the other style is just as good.


  • I love that you can attach a pouch and this is the thicker one but they also have a thin pouch as well.


  • I love that they have the Airpods case...


  • I also - I also like that they have designs that are a little bit more fancy


  • like this strap right here, this gold strap


  • I use when I'm wearing a nice dress


  • so when I was in Vegas with my girlfriends and we all kind of dressed up to go out, I used this gold strap


  • and this one, I actually just recently got with this pouch


  • and I'm gonna wear this probably for the holidays with my holiday dresses,

    そして、私はおそらくこれを着用します 私のホリデードレスとの休日、

  • for Christmas parties and also for the New Year's.


  • This is a great design I think cause it's like shiny and festive

    これは素晴らしいデザインだと思います 光沢のあるお祭りのように

  • and just like how your outfits are probably gonna look when you go out for the holidays.

    そして、あなたの衣装がおそらくどうなるかと同じように あなたが休日に出かけるときを見てください。

  • There's just so much about this brand that I'm in love with that I can just go on all day about them.


  • Yeah, I think that's pretty much it.


  • They are super convenient, they always have new designs, I love the card slot,


  • I love that they solved the issue of the Airpods.


  • They have a little Airpods attachment - little case attachment.


  • They've got little attachments if you want to carry extra things with you.


  • If you have any questions about the Bandolier go ahead and comment below

    Bandolierについて質問がある場合 下にコメントしてください

  • and I'll be glad to answer any questions you have because like I said I have been using them for years now


  • and I can't rave about them enough.


  • I'm a huge fan and I just know until something else better comes out, I'm gonna keep on using Bandolier


  • because I seriously never lose my phone anymore


  • I don't ever drop it because it's always secured around me

    落とさないで それは常に私の周りに確保されています

  • and I can't tell you how many times I get stopped by people asking me where I got this phone case


  • and what a cool idea is.


  • Oh! And also they used to only have it for the iPhone but they have since expanded.


  • They do have cases for other phones


  • and they have expanded designs for men


  • so if you guys out there if you are looking for a case like this with a cool strap


  • definitely check into it because they do have designs now for the men out there.


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Hi! Today I'm going to talk about my absolute favorite travel accessory.

こんにちは!今日は私のことについて話します 絶対好きな旅行用アクセサリー。


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