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  • Hey, guys, My name is Andy.

  • I am a zookeeper here at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

  • So we wanted to take you guys on inside edition dot com through a day in the life of a zookeeper during the Corona Buyers pandemic.

  • So let's let's check up.

  • We are close.

  • I do walk to work every day.

  • So what?

  • My walk looks like in the morning.

  • Good money.

  • This is me.

  • Uh, he's 10 years old.

  • He's one of our fastest.

  • I keep hearing Cincinnati Zoo for about three years now.

  • I've always wanted to work with animals of I found my passion mixing education with zoo keeping.

  • So that's where I found my job Here at the Cheetah in honor in the Cattle Bastar program at the Cincinnati is a great way that I'm able to help save the animals that I love like cheetahs through education and the great conservation work that we do here in Cincinnati Zoo all year round.

  • It is weird not having guests around, but all our animals there still out here, still getting all the great care that they need.

  • It's just really weird walking around here.

  • I'm such beautiful days with no guests around.

  • Cincinnati Zoo's also wanted to accredited botanical gardens in the state of Ohio, and every spring we have over 100,002 looks here, looming and planted for people to enjoy.

  • It's kind of sad now because the only people that are enduring them are us zoot employees.

  • Things are a little different here that you were able to you take our cheetahs on walks during the day, which we normally are not able to dio when the zoo is open way only do that in the morning before visitors come.

  • So here those that we've had a few changes were all wearing protective PPE.

  • Eso that includes face masks that were wearing all times were in contact with animals or around other stuff.

  • We're maintaining our six foot distance amongst other keepers and staff here at the zoo.

  • Also, before we're interacting with their animals, were being sure to wash your hands, making sure everything's staying nice and clean.

  • So we are healthy and are animals here are staying healthy as well.

  • I know this is a breakfast for our four year old cheetah Red.

  • This is just a breakfast.

  • They eat about £3 of raw beef every single day.

  • So with 10 cheetahs, you can imagine that is a lot of food for them.

  • We're still making sure they're getting all.

  • They're really good diet here.

  • Part of my day here is providing enrichment and fun for all the animals here.

  • Um, of course, including Chris Cheetah Cub in her companion puppy.

  • Remiss here.

  • So Chris was orphaned cheetah cub.

  • Her mom could not provide for her.

  • So that's why she was hand raised to be part of our cat Ambassador program here.

  • Do Do you have any siblings?

  • We want to make sure we still gave her a sibling to play and grow up with.

  • And that's where this came in here.

  • So we adopted remiss from a local shelter to be Christmas companion.

  • So I believe a love of animals, and I wanted to be help them and help save them.

  • So being is the paper.

  • Thank you.

  • It's one of the best ways I get to care for animals.

  • I get to train the animals, and I also get to educate people about them and how they helped save the cheetah in the wild as well.

  • So it is my dream job.

  • I love working here.

  • It's a little hard right now during the Corona virus pandemic, but we're still here.

  • I still very thankful and grateful for my job.

  • And then I get to come to work every day, the door of a little face.

  • You know, it's always great at the end of the day, walk home, feeling accomplished.

  • But I would like to stop by and see if one of my favorite animals here at the zoo is out.

  • So it looks like Tammy is here would feel famous Pose.

  • This is BB way here that inside edition dot com that you guys really like Fiona so came out to say hi.

  • As you can see, everyone's happy and healthy here.

  • Cincinnati's it makes for falling along guys.

Hey, guys, My name is Andy.


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