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out it was pitch black.
A squeaky noise was, say, lumber and Japanese foods.
Everything has a character.
Hey, guys and gals, it's cat the cat.
I'm this time going to talk about five things that surprised me the first time I came to Japan.
So let's join me for my Japan surprises on shocks.
I've no be living in Japan for six years, but the first day I came what really surprised me is in summer we have those long sunsets in Europe, you know, when it stretches to nine.
However, in Japan I went in to restore, bought myself a small light to no one out.
It was pitch black and allegedly said, What just happened?
Like for a moment, I thought, you know, the world just ended.
It was pitch black and I was like, What happened to the sun?
It was like a dropped out of the sky.
The sunset was so quick and it did not expect that in a really sharp man.
I just stood there like, Where did son go?
Do you now?
The first time, my friend, he told me it took me shopping.
I heard a squeaky noise and heard it here and then heard it move over there and it was good.
Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
And it was like one of those squeaky squeaky ducks, and I just kept walking like he could hear the noise going around.
I was like, Where is that noise coming from?
Until I realized it was a small, small kid like kindergarten age on the kids.
Shoes were making the squeaky squeaky squeaky noise, you know, like a dog toy.
And I was asking my friend why?
And she said, If there is a lot of crowds and you know it gets crowd E around Tokyo, then you always hear where the kid is.
So in case the kid runs off, at least you can hear where this I think it's still a better alternative to the kid leashes, but I sometimes see, you know, when people put their kids in like a dog leash and walk around with that.
May is a different alternative, but I must say the squeaky noise was very loud and it confused me.
But recently I haven't seen that as much anymore, but it still exists.
So in case you have a mysterious squeaking eyes that seems to be moving all around You look down and it might be kit, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
Come closer then.
Not if not, then don't move.
Oh, are we filming?
Okay, I guess we're filming now.
Um, no.
For about what we want to say.
And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you on that note.
One of the big, big animals like influenced my life.
You guys know what from my instagram with Sailor Moon.
So on that note, when I came to Japan for the first time and there was a girl on the train who was wearing a sailor uniform, which is a normal school uniform in Japan, I was surprised.
Like I know that school in your firm's existed in Japan and that they were a real thing.
But first time seeing a riel sailor uniform, I mean, the one that they sailor girls, where before they transform into a super like their supervision.
Sailor moon and such is very was very surprising.
Like I just stood there was like, Is that costly?
No, it's not.
She's the real deal.
And that girl was just like Why is that for no loses without books?
Likewise, that foreigner staying at me like that And I was like, staggered like Koch Israel.
And she's like, What's wrong with her?
So yeah, that really surprised me because I thought in my head of heads, I thought that sailor uniforms, they would look a little bit different in a way off, you know, maybe a little bit plainer.
I thought that in animated would like be more qualifer and some animals do that.
They have, like, uniforms that actually don't exist.
But sailing any firms, their real deal.
So if you come to joke you, you'll see girls in real sailor uniforms.
It is a beautiful world, a beautiful world, and I'm so glad this is the thing.
Japanese food surprised me because before I came to Japan, I kind of thought I've tried everything.
I felt like a tried at all.
But it turns out I didn't.
There were so many more flavors.
If what also surprised me is Japanese people?
Ah, huge foodies.
There will be like food programs in the evening around dinner time where just famous people will eat certain foods on.
There's just so much so much, so much around food, culture and DuPont and get still Japanese.
Be villers, always guinea.
It's incredible, I mean, lots of hard work as we figure it out in past videos.
But I was just surprised how much food culture lose and my people are still so skinny.
I mean, if you go to she area, you won't see anyone older than 50 on anyone like who's not Skinny on average is always a surprise.
Yeah, big food culture there still saw skinny why Japanese people love cats, but they also love loads and loads of different characters, which means everything has a character.
So instead of just a logo for a company, a company will generally or often also have a character associated with it.
Which means that the Japanese post office that even the police and Japan have a mascot that's attached to them, and even the prefecture in which you're in will have a mascot, and then even certain parts of Tokyo will again half their original mask on.
So if you look around, you'll see close lords of loads, cute characters that actually represent a company and prefecture.
Whatever damage people of mascots, they really dio I I must say I find that kind of cute.
If you look in front off police stations here in Japan, you something.
See a little mascot with a helmet like this?
And then, you know, that's the mascot of the police and it makes everything a lot cuter.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
This is great.
So these were the five things that surprised me the very first time when I came to Japan.
Now I have Yeah been living here for yeah over six years.
So I have new experiences that I'd love to share with you guys sooner or later.
So if you'd like to comb over and subscribe to my channel as well, I have a personal channel in which I talk more about my life.
Yeah, in Japan and more also have an instagram real secured pictures.
Also, the director is very much focused on this cat right now because he used to take pictures of cats.
Now he's taking pictures off the Kathy cat.
So if you want to see what kind of high quality pictures he takes off me, come check out my instagram.
The link is in the box down below So you're in for a treat when you see those images.
I hope you have a lovely day and I catch you soon for more stuff on Asked Japanese Don't forget Check out my channel Subscribe to this channel on Give us a like on the way out Thanks for checking in and I catches soon on asked Japanese This was cut the cat Janjuah now Okay.
Hello my friend.
You want to get stuck?


日本で驚いた五つのこと (5 Things That SURPRISED me in JAPAN)

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