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- Make you fancy, Alvin (giggles).
- No, I'm making it big; that's the name of the show.
This is a 100 egg omelet.
(mumbling) eggs.
It's a damn lot of eggs; it's a lot of time.
Shout out to all my hens out there; you the real ones.
All right, stay together, stay together.
One, two, three: open your eyes Rie.
- It's so cute.
(upbeat music)
- What's up guys, I'm Alvin;
I love making giant food and today on Tasty's Making It Big,
we're gonna do some crazy stuff.
Today, I'll be cooking for my fellow tasty producer, Rie.
You might of seen her on Worth It, on Eating Your Feed,
and a lot of other tasty videos.
She's an amazing producer and a wonderful chef.
I wanna see if I can make something that's really cool
that'll really impress her, so let's go see
what she wants to eat today.
Hello. - Hey Alvin.
- How's it going? - Good.
- Did you have any lunch or dinner plans today?
- I didn't have lunch, I didn't have breakfast even--
- Okay. - So I'm very hungry.
- What do you personally enjoy like eating
on a day-to-day basis?
- I love Japanese breakfast. - Okay.
- Rice, miso soup, and tamagoyaki
which is Japanese style omelet.
- The one where they like, cook it in the pan
and it rolls up? - Exactly.
- Okay. - So, I would be
so impressed if you made me omelet.
- Like a giant omelet? - Giant omelet.
- Oh.
(woman giggles)
Well just to be clear though, like American omelets
and Japanese omelets are different right?
Like what makes them so unique?
- So Japanese omelet, it's like you explain it;
it's like rolled and it's layered.
American omelet has a lot of fun ingredients
like peppers, caramelized onions, bacon and cheese.
- Are those like your favorite ingredients in omelets?
- Yeah, I love caramelized onion and bacon combination.
- Doesn't seem like it's gonna be very easy.
- Make it fancy Alvin (giggles).
- No I'm making it big; that's the name of the show.
Oh, I have an idea. - Yeah.
- Not only I'm gonna make you a giant omelet.
What if I make you a 100 egg omelet?
- 100 egg omelet? - 100 egg omelet.
- It will be so amazing. - Okay.
- Yeah. - Okay, I'm gonna get to it.
(air swooshing)
Okay, here we are.
As you can see, I have many, many, many eggs.
I have never purchased, handled, or seen this many eggs
in one place in my entire life, so.
The first step to making a 100 egg omelet
is to crack 100 eggs, so let's get crackin'.
(upbeat band music)
Oh, I broke the first one.
We are off to a fantastic start.
(eggs cracking)
To crack eggs, you wanna take the egg
and you wanna crack it on a flat surface;
not on the edge of a pan or a bowl
'cause it could really shatter the inside.
(eggs tapping)
Knock, knock; who's there?
You know, just an egg.
(upbeat music)
Sometimes people ask me, what came first:
chicken or the egg?
After hours of deliberation, I don't really know.
(upbeat music)
Fun fact: a hen lays one egg every 26 hours.
So that means for one hen to lay 100 eggs,
that would, that would be (mumbling);
dammit I'm Asian, I should be knowing this better.
Days, 108 days and eight hours for one hen
to lay 100 eggs; also known as damn long time.
Shout out to all my hens out there: you the real ones.
(egg cracking)
(upbeat music)
We're almost there; it's been quite a journey.
Number 100. (egg cracking)
Whew, okay; we have officially cracked 100 eggs
into this bowl.
It's a damn lot of eggs, it's a lot of time.
Thank you chickens for your hard work;
I'll see you in a bit.
(slow jazz music)
So these are 100 eggs; I'm first gonna whisk them
and I'm gonna season them later.
I'm actually very excited for this.
We're gonna go.
(dishes clanking)
There's so many eggs, I can't even get 'em all.
(dishes clanking)
I wanna make sure this is the smoothest egg mixture
anybody's ever seen, so I'm gonna whisk
the crap out of these eggs (giggles).
(eggs splashing)
Whew, it's a workout; right arm's getting real tired
about now (giggles).
Oh, there was a yolk I missed;
there you go, I got ya'.
That's right, you don't escape from me.
I eat yolks for breakfast.
(eggs splashing)
Actually though.
(dishes clanking)
I like this beat.
(whisk clanking)
That's the egg beat.
(whisk clanking)
All right, I'm done.
My arm's dying; I'm so tired.
(slow jazz music)
Slowing down; it's not a vortex anymore, it's a kitty pool.
I wanna say that's pretty much done.
You know, we got a nice consistent color; we're all good.
We're gonna add some salt.
I don't know how much salt to put in
because this is 100 eggs, so (mumbling) kinda eyeball it.
(whisk clanking)
I wanna say that's enough.
Going to transfer these and start rolling our omelet.
(slow jazz music)
My technique for making this omelet is similar
to the Japanese style which is called a tamagoyaki.
I think it's going to be, like a rolled omelet,
so what I'm gonna do is we have two of these trays.
Line it with silk pat to make sure it doesn't stick.
I'm actually just gonna brush these with a lot of butter.
Butter and eggs, you know, fantastic marriage.
Obviously, you know we could dump 100 eggs you know
into a pan maybe, but kinda boring you know;
it's not what I do.
I have no idea if this is going to stay up right,
if it's going to break, but it's all good.
We're going to basically try to pour some eggs in here.
I am gonna guess, like a quart of eggs per container.
(eggs splashing)
Mm, delicious.
(eggs splashing)
Oh yes, nothing like pouring liquid eggs.
Let's go evenly.
Is this enough eggs; I hope it's enough eggs.
I think it's enough eggs.
Nice, nice, nice.
All right, let's go for round two.
All right, I'm gonna go and take these to the oven to bake.
I want it to set into a nice sheet, but I don't want it
to overcook.
We're gonna cook at 300 for I'm gonna say, 10 minutes.
I'm gonna very carefully, take this to the oven.
All right Alvin, don't you mess this up now.
Your honor is on the line; do not displease Rie.
(upbeat music)
Okay, we have nice big egg sheets here.
This one's a little lopsided; I think in the oven
it just kinda tips a little bit that way.
It's okay, we're gonna put some cheese on it
and I washed my hands so, we're all clean.
This is gonna go like, over here.
Yeah, here we go.
The heat from the egg sheets are going
to actually help melt the cheese while it's being rolled.
We're gonna do some bacon bits on here.
I love bacon, Rie likes bacon; I think this is gonna be fun.
That's kinda awesome.
And we're just gonna kinda go for it and roll it
and see if this works.
So first you gotta get it to go around though;
keep it all tight.
Yeah, there we go.
All right, this is sheet number one.
We're gonna transfer it over to here
and we're gonna do the same thing.
Coming out and landing.
It's going well so far.
No major hiccups.
We're gonna keep going (giggles).
Okay, and there you have it.
That's roll number two.
Edges looking a little floppy, but that's okay.
I'm gonna need to reuse these trays though
so we're gonna transfer this onto a board.
This is getting heavy already.
Whew, now to keep this warm, I'm gonna cover it in some foil
(foil crunching)
and then we're gonna do two more trays, hey (laughs).
(piano music)
Each one of these, I think is around 20 eggs.
Hopefully I didn't mis-measure.
(upbeat music)
Tray number three, tray number four, 20 eggs a piece.
Let's put 'em back in the oven.
Fingers crossed I can keep rolling this
without it breaking or doing anything
because surprisingly, this is going according to plan.
(piano music)
Alright, these look pretty fantastic.
Fix the little oven adjustments so a little bit smoother.
You got some nice American cheese;
look at this beautiful stack.
It's like I got the cheddar; like in the rap music videos.
(upbeat hip hop music)
Load this guy up; actually very fun (laughs).
I'm a happy boy (giggles).
Not too much; some for me.
This is it for this one.
That one's gonna get ham; it's like I'm painting
but with food.
I think it's time to roll.
We're gonna take the one we made before
and then somehow get this onto here.
Slow, all right.
Well we've landed, now we're gonna start to roll again.
Whew, like that; now it's getting kinda heavy.
Tuck it, tuck it okay; oh that's smooth.
Then one more time; all right, okay (laughs).
It's getting kinda crazy, but you know, we're all good.
It's keeping together relatively well
and now we have to get that guy onto here (laughs).
Am I strong enough to do this?
Come on, alright.
Successful landing (laughs).
This omelet is one big boy (laughs).
All right, and then one more time.
(piano music)
Oh, the tray's tipping (laughs).
Okay, so we are currently at 80 eggs.
This is getting heavy.
(piano music)
The omelet is on the board.
Still got a little bit to go.
I wanna set this aside and we're gonna go
for the last 20 eggs.
Oh my god, this is heavy.
Okay, so I think I might of miscalculated
how many eggs I need to use per tray.
This won't make enough for two trays.
This is only gonna be enough for like, one-and-a-half
so we're going big; I think let's do 120 eggs.
Gonna whisk this one more time to make sure we're okay.
(eggs splashing)
I don't know if you guys have seen
the 100 layer lasagna video.
I ended up doing 104 layers on accident.
It's kinda in my blood to go a little bit over
what I'm used to doing.
I'm trying to impress Rie; hopefully she will be impressed
by the fact that I went above and beyond for her.
This is 100 eggs.
(slow music)
Oh, a yolk fell out; that's okay.
We're gonna whisk it back in (laughs).
120 eggs, the final layer.
Might be a little heftier than most
'cause it needs to be the outer layer.
I'm gonna take this in to bake and we're gonna hope
that we can actually make this work because if it's too big
and it breaks, I'm gonna be very sad.
Don't fail me now.
Whoa, so this is the fifth sheet; 100 eggs.
This is the sixth one; 120.
I think they look beautiful.
I think they look super smooth.
Rie loves caramelized onion so we have caramelized onions.
I also do wanna put a little bit more cheese
because I think it'll help bind the last layer.
I think it's gonna taste pretty darn awesome.
There's a lot of flavors going on.
Its got sweetness, it got creaminess, it got saltiness
pretty much in every single layer.
Been a long journey.
I've used probably like five pounds of cheese at this point.
I think it's gonna be pretty awesome.
(dramatic music)
So we got a really heavy guy over here.
We're gonna start rolling and (mumbling)
that everything goes according to plan.
(dramatic music)
Oh, that was really heavy; oh my god,
this guy's getting massive.
Oh, this might be tough; this is heavy.
Gotta grip it.
(dramatic music)
We're at 100; this little extra leg room is gonna help.
We're gonna move it onto 120.
It all comes down to this folks.
I don't know if you can tell,
this is wobbly (laughs).
I need this guy to last me one more
and then we'll be okay please.
Don't fail me now.
Come up, okay.
(dramatic music)
Okay, the reason I put this guy in the middle,
'cause I wanna fold this over and then just do
one last roll and we'll be there.
This is the big moment; last layer.
All right, that is on.
All right, stay together, stay together, stay together,
stay together, whew.
All right (laughs) we did it.
This is a 120 egg omelet; it's very big.
It is very heavy.
While it's still warm, I do wanna serve it,
but I also need to decorate it a little bit
so to finish, Rie likes chives and ketchup on her omelets.
I wanna draw a face and hopefully it looks kinda cool.
(dramatic music)
Okay, so now I gotta give this guys cheeks.
(dramatic music)
This is my attempt at a design; not the next Picasso
but that's okay.
I'm gonna finish this with a touch of chives,
just in the front and in the back.
Okay, those are the last of the chives.
Its' been crazy.
This is one heavy guy, so we're gonna go get
this omelet to Rie.
(claps hands)
Hey Rie. - Yeah.
- You ready for your omelet? - I'm ready.
- All right, close your eyes please.
- Okay. - I'm very excited
to see what you think; on the count of three.
One, two, three: open your eyes Rie.
(screaming and laughing)
- It's so cute. - You like it?
- Oh my good.
I thought you were gonna make just the American omelet;
this is Japanese one. - It's an old one, yeah.
- Oh my god. - It's actually not 100 eggs.
- Uh huh. - It's 120.
Because I was like, you know what,
I'm just gonna go (mumbling) one more.
- I love it.
- Do you want me to cut it open for you?
- Yes. - Yeah.
If you wanna give it a name before we cut it in half,
you're more than welcome to.
- Well let's name this after your middle name
which is Karl with K. - Why did you have
to tell them my middle name?
The tables have turned. - So this is Karl (laughs).
- Sorry Karl. - Ouch.
- Did you just say ow. - No, it was Karl.
- Oh, Karl said ow. - It wasn't me.
Whoa, look at the layer.
- This is what it looks like on the inside.
(mumbling) touching Karl.
How does Karl feel?
- Karl is very bouncy.
- Did Karl give you permission?
Here is your omelet. - Thank you.
(speaking in foreign language)
Mm. - Good?
- Mm hmm, whoa wow.
It tasty, colorful too.
- So it sounds like Karl was a success.
- Karl was success; you impressed me.
- I am happy I finally got the chance to cook for you.
- Thank you so much. - Yeah, anytime.
Please continue to eat.
- I think rest of the world should see this.
- Okay.
(upbeat music)
Well, we did it guys; we impressed Rie.
A lot of effort, but I think it definitely was worth it.
I think now I have a new found respect for eggs.
And this is it; this is the final episode
in this season's Tasty's Making It Big.
Its' been a blast.
Six episodes, six crazy giant dishes
for six amazing people.
I'm super happy that I got the chance to do this.
I'm always gonna be trying to do bigger and better things
so until next time, peace.
(upbeat band music)
(camera clicking)
(upbeat band music)


I Made A Giant 100-Egg Omelet • Tasty

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