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  • The city of Busan sits on the Korean Peninsula's south-eastern coastline,

    プサンは朝鮮半島の南東部にある 美しい海沿いの都市

  • just a short flight from Asian capitals like Beijing and Tokyo,

    東京や北京など アジア主要都市からのアクセスも良好です

  • and a two-and-a-half hour bullet train ride from Seoul.

    ソウルから高速列車を利用すれば わずか 2 時間半

  • South Korea's largest port and second-largest city

    韓国屈指の貿易港 そして首都に次ぐ第二の都市

  • spreads out along the jagged coastline of the Yeongnam Region,

    国内有数のリアス式海岸を誇る ヨンナム地域

  • and rises into a sea of mountains beyond.


  • From the shellfish which drew Paleolithic gatherers to its rugged shores,

    旧石器時代の人々も好んで食した 海産物がこの入り江に集まります

  • to the never-ending offerings of Jagalchi Fish Market,

    チャガルチ市場は尽きることがない 自然の恵みあふれる魚市場

  • from the Joseon ships of old,

    一方で プサンは朝鮮時代から

  • to the dockyards which helped drive South Korea's economic miracle,

    造船拠点として 韓国経済をけん引しました

  • Busan has forever been linked to the ocean.


  • As the world races further into the 21st century,


  • Busan continues to evolve,


  • into a haven where hard-working Koreans can let their hair down,

    癒やしを求める人々が ゆっくりと深呼吸し

  • reflect on the past,


  • and peer into the future.


  • While the bustling port underpins Busan's economic vitality,

    海運がプサンの 発展のカギであることには変わりなくても

  • it's the city's beaches which increasingly draw travellers from all over Asia.

    この地のビーチに魅力を感じて訪れる 旅行者を受け入れてくれる懐の大きさも特徴です

  • Just a 40-minute subway ride from Busan Station is the city's star attraction,

    プサン駅から地下鉄を利用して 40 分で 人気スポットが目の前に

  • Haeundae Beach, South Korea's biggest and best-loved beachside hangout.

    海雲台は 愛してやまない憩いの場

  • Follow the long sweep of sands eastward to Dalmaji Hill,

    海岸沿いを東に進めば そこはタルマジ ヒル

  • an outlook adored by the wandering poets of yesteryear

    かつて放浪詩人が その美しさをたたえた場所

  • and the coffee lovers of today.


  • While at Haeundae's eastern end,


  • take the paths through Dongbaek Park to APEC House,

    冬柏公園を抜けると APEC ハウスが見えてきます

  • where Asian and Pacific leaders enjoyed some of Busan's most celebrated views

    2005 年 APEC 首脳が プサンの絶景を

  • during their 2005 summit.


  • Busan's ever-changing coastline offers scenery


  • and activities to match your every mood.


  • For total relaxation,


  • unroll your towel on the half-moon curve of Gwangalli Beach,

    タオルを砂浜に広げ 広安里ビーチの

  • and enjoy gentle waters,


  • laid-back vibes,


  • and views to Diamond Bridge.

    ダイアモンド ブリッジの眺めを満喫

  • If you're looking for adventure,


  • join a charter at the fishing village of Cheongsapo.

    青沙浦村のチャーター クルーズがおすすめです

  • Or step out onto the skywalk at the end of the Yongho-Dong Peninsula,

    龍湖洞半島の最先端で スカイ ウォークから

  • and take in the views of the Oryukdo Islands just offshore.

    目の前に広がる五六島の景色を 海の上から眺めます

  • Seeking a little enlightenment?


  • Head to Gijang,


  • and make a wish at the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple,

    海東龍宮寺で 願い事をしてみましょう

  • one of the few Buddhist temples in Korea built by the ocean.

    ここは 海のすぐそばに建立された 仏教寺院

  • Cross historic Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and head to Taejongdae Park.

    歴史ある影島大橋を渡り 太宗台公園へ

  • It was at these cliffs where, according to legend,

    伝説によれば 神と女神がこの崖で

  • gods and goddesses once came to relax,


  • and the 29th King of Silla spent his leisure time shooting arrows into the passing clouds.

    新羅の第 29 代の王が休暇を過ごし 過ぎゆく雲に矢を放った景勝地

  • For today's mere mortals,


  • the park's the perfect place to slip into a slower state of mind

    この公園に時を忘れて ゆったりとした心で過ごします

  • as cargo ships journey to far off ports.


  • The meditative mood continues at Songdo Beach.

    松島ビーチにも 清らかな空気が満ちています

  • Step across the swirling waters on the elevated walkway,

    渦潮を海上ウォークウェイから 眺めます

  • whose curves depict a mythical dragon taking flight from it's coastal lair.

    これは伝説の龍が海辺から 飛び立つ姿を表しています

  • Then, let your mind wander and the kids run free at Dadaepo Beach.

    多大浦ビーチは大人の休憩所 子どもの壮大な遊び場

  • Here, at the mouth of South Korea's longest river,


  • the endless sands and sea mists blur the lines between heaven and earth.

    どこまでも続く砂浜と海霧 ここは天国でしょうか

  • While Busan's story has been continually shaped by the sea,

    プサンの歴史はずっと 海が形作ってきましたが

  • it's a city equally defined by its mountains.


  • Just above the port,


  • ride the escalator to the summit of Yongdusan Park


  • and share the views with the statue of 16th century naval hero,

    景色とともに 16 世紀 豊臣秀吉と戦った

  • Admiral Yi Sun Sin.


  • On nearby Mt Cheonma,

    天摩山を 20 分 ほど歩くと

  • take the 20-minute hike to the observation platform to seeDynamic Busan

    展望台がお出迎え ダイナミックなプサンの姿が

  • spread out before you.


  • In the city's north,


  • climb aboard a cable car for the five-minute ride to Geumgang Park,

    5 分ほどケーブル カーを楽しむと プサン最高峰の

  • the home to Busan's highest peak.


  • Join the thousands of locals who hike here each weekend,

    週末に訪れる多くの地元住民と 山を歩いてみませんか

  • exploring the forest trails and walls of Geumgang Fortress.

    遊歩道や金井山城の 壁を散策します

  • The park is also home to Beomeosa Temple,


  • whose warrior monks fought off invaders in the 16th century,

    16 世紀と 20 世紀に この寺の僧兵たちが

  • and again in the 20th.


  • Busan never forgets its heroes, and at nearby Chungnyeolsa Temple,

    この英雄たちはプサンの誇りです 忠烈祠付近では

  • pay your respects to the spirits of Busan's patriots who gave their lives

    1592 年にプサンを攻めた 秀吉軍との戦いに

  • when their city was besieged by Japanese troops in 1592.

    命をかけた 民の思いを感じます

  • In 1950, Busan was again under siege.

    1950 年にもプサンは攻撃されました

  • At the UN Memorial Cemetery,

    UN 記念公園には

  • visit the gravesites of some of the 140,000 troops

    戦死した約 14 万人の兵士が眠ります

  • who formed a last-ditch perimeter around Busan,


  • fighting off waves of North Korean soldiers.


  • Busan was one of the few cities of the south not to fall during the Korean War,

    プサンは 朝鮮戦争で陥落しなかった 韓国の数少ない都市です

  • becoming a safe haven for over half a million refugees.

    プサンには 50 万人を超える人々が逃れました

  • At the UN Peace Memorial Hall,

    UN 平和記念館は

  • the sacrifices of both combatants and civilians are remembered,

    犠牲になった兵士と民間人を ともにしのびます

  • as are the stories of suffering from ongoing conflicts around the globe.

    今も世界で起こる争いに苦しむ 人々への思いに繋がります

  • Busan owes much to it's resilient refugees.

    プサンには 当時の人々の知恵が根付き

  • Dishes born of post-war hardship have been perfected into culinary masterpieces.

    戦後の困難から生まれた料理は プサンの名物料理です

  • An alleyway where a refugee couple sold magazines discarded by American GIs

    ある夫婦が 米兵の捨てた雑誌を 売っていた路地は

  • grew into an entire street of bookshops.


  • And a few humble stalls where the newcomers traded life's basics

    人々が日用品を交換し合った 粗末な露店は

  • is now one of Korea's biggest and best-loved traditional markets,

    今や韓国屈指の誰もが愛する 豊富な品ぞろえが多くを魅了する

  • selling everything from Kimchi to sneakers.


  • Busan's refugees first filled the portside areas,

    当時 生活を追われ プサンに逃れた人々が 港にあふれていました

  • before building hundreds of makeshift homes on the steep barren hills around the city.

    それからプサンの険しい丘に バラックが建ち並びました

  • After years of keeping their noses to the grindstone,

    人々がコツコツと働いて 汗水を流したこの地に時が流れ

  • the residents of Gamcheon have embraced their creative side,

    甘川村の人々が 創造性を開花させました

  • adorning their laneways and walls with artworks


  • which have transformed their neighbourhood into one of the city's top tourist attractions.

    このエリア全体は今や知らない人はいない 注目スポットになりました

  • Gamcheon's makeover symbolises Busan's new-found creative,

    甘川 のリノベーション精神は プサンの街中にあふれる

  • cultural and entrepreneurial energy which has blossomed all over the city.

    クリエイティブで未知なることに挑む エネルギーを象徴しています

  • See this energy in its world-class museums,


  • galleries,


  • and festivals.


  • Hear it, in the happy bustle of its shopping streets,


  • and across the three-million-square-feet of the world's largest department store.

    世界的な規模を誇るデパートは いつでも熱気にあふれています

  • Smell it; Taste it, in a cuisine which lures foodies and seafood lovers from all over the globe.

    世界中の美食家をうならせる料理は 五感を使って味わってこそ

  • And feel it, as the city erupts in light each night,


  • just like the displays of its annual lantern festival.

    年に一度のランタン フェスティバルも開催される プサンを訪れてみませんか

  • After centuries of keeping enemies from its gates, and decades of hardship and toil,

    長きにわたる外敵との戦い 困難や苦労の果てに

  • this rollicking port town has at last come into its own.

    このにぎやかな港町はついに 本来の姿を取り戻しました

  • Today's Busan is a bridge, perfectly connecting the past and future into a very special now.

    プサンは 「過去」と「未来」を格別な「今」へとつなぐ 架け橋としての役割を担っているのです

  • Welcome to Busan, a feast for all the senses, and the soul.

    心と身体で味わい尽くす プサンへようこそ

The city of Busan sits on the Korean Peninsula's south-eastern coastline,

プサンは朝鮮半島の南東部にある 美しい海沿いの都市


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