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follow Ted through the jungle when you see a question or there's a curious
object in your thigh interact with curious objects to earn points that you
can use at the gift shop
maybe we should take the highway is there a highway
ten again keep going you're doing great
hey slow down I can catch a later boat there goes Ted keep going
steer the lilypad downriver maneuver around the obstacles hitting obstacles
damages are really bad if you get too many obstacles don't have to start again
we're driving on that let me out I'll walk the rest of the way
no more bridges I never want to do that again
you still need to catch up with Ted
are we there yet looks like Ted is heading for the
village keep
enter the village stay on the rooftops where you won't be seen
get to the other side of the village jump on the villagers baskets and
rooftops be careful not to touch the ground if you do you'll get caught don't
get carried outside the village walls
you've unlocked a bonus item
when I'm kid
didn't belong in the village what's that
you've unlocked a bonus item
oh what's that
oh my
oh what's that
but do the jungle with you
what's that there it is that's my ship well not my ship super
damn thanks you ever come to America you make a great cab driver in the city not
find your way to the ship through the maze of crates
jump onto the forklifts to get to the opening on the other side be careful
get the idol and board the ship



16 タグ追加 保存
Mame Maple 2020 年 4 月 24 日 に公開
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