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  • Hi. My name is Grace Tao and I cover the Education

  • and Training Services sector in the Commercial Service, Taiwan Office.

  • Taiwan offers excellent opportunities for U.S. schools that want to recruit

  • international students, and it is expected that the demand for U.S.

  • education will continue to grow. Some of the major factors

  • supporting this growth include the similarity

  • between the U.S. and Taiwan education systems, the growing

  • number of middle class families that are investing heavily

  • in their children's education and the affinity to the American culture.

  • Many of Taiwan's cabinet members have obtained their

  • advanced degrees from the U.S. and the government is constantly

  • coming up with new financial incentives to encourage people

  • to go abroad. The United States is the most popular

  • study abroad destination in Taiwan.

  • The education market remains steady within professional fields such as

  • business, engineering, health science, computer science

  • and recreation management. In the past few years

  • There have been growing demands for career development programs,

  • work study programs and a typical admissions such as

  • conditional admissions and pathway programs.

  • The competition for Taiwan students is intesifying

  • as more and more local and foreign players enter the scene.

  • In order for U.S. schools to continue to lead in this market

  • it is very important for them to stay engaged with prospective students.

  • Some of the recommended approaches include

  • participation in education fairs, working with student recruitment agencies,

  • and maintaining an active alumni network.

  • Another route is to create joint degree programs

  • and distance learning mechanisms with local schools.

  • Our office provides many services to help

  • U.S. institutions. We regularly hold education

  • agent workshops and webinars to connect U.S. schools

  • with Taiwan schools and reputable student recruitment agencies.

  • We also co-sponsor a number of education fairs

  • and we can help American schools organize single school promotion

  • which promotes their programs to a targeted audience.

  • For more information about Taiwan's education market and

  • our programs. Please contact me. Thank you for your time

  • I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi. My name is Grace Tao and I cover the Education


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台湾教育サービス市場2013 (Taiwan Education Services Market 2013)

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