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here we go with 73 English contractions.
All right, But you are you He is.
He's She is cheese.
It is it way.
Say that is not, huh?
Yeah, it was not what What?
What I have by you Have you?
He had peas.
She has cheese.
It has its We have weak.
They have a has.
No has I?
Would I You would use He would heat.
She would she?
It is Wade they date.
We'd would not.
Wouldn't I will you will you He was hell she was it.
It'll way Will, Will.
They will.
I will not What should have?
Should have, would have.
Would you?
Could have could it?
Might have.
Might May have made Will have will.
It must not.
Mustn't might know my can Come what we said to me Come Cut Do you know Don't does no Doesn't Didn't know Didn't that is that there is Let let's dead No need no need because coast good day show Show it Is it it waas What?
You Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Going Get I want to one Give me Give me let living Kind of kind of don't know Don't know how is How?
What is?
When wins way?
Why is wine Who will?
When will we know Why was wild?
What will?
Tom will trouble Tom will top, isn't it?
In it.
I'm no is No, no, Have no has no Didn't know anything.
I had to fight you had you'd he had teed She had she it way had week.
Did they have?
You are is not going to want to.
Should have.
Would who will?
When will do you know does no kind of I don't know we would they would.
Dan No, I need no How is when is?
Could have might have may have, isn't it?
Show you, Are you He is not isn't going to get I want one should should I would have Who will?
When will Well, do you know start doesn't know.
Doesn't kind kind of start way They they dare not death Need not needed How it's house When Wen's could have could it might have Might may have made, isn't it?


85 English Contractions in 3 MINUTES!!!

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