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  • I am angry Miller and I am the founder of Indigenous Celebration.

  • I graduated with an MBA in 2010 at 21 by 23 I received diplomatic attache status for work I was doing related to bringing alternative energy to care.

  • Com.

  • A couple years later, I ended up taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro where I met this indigenous woman named Putin E from the You wanna?

  • What tribe?

  • And I felt my life really taking a big shift.

  • I just kept getting this inspiration for something called Warrior Women Connect.

  • It wouldn't leave me alone.

  • This concept of being able to connect these very strong women Ah, whole new opportunity arrived where we expanded to 17 tribes with the work bringing me to a whole other level.

  • Marie for Leo, thankfully came into my my sphere and I was just totally captivated by her free content by her personality.

  • I knew that I found someone that could help dust off the knowledge that I have and also teach me so much more.

  • I really chose to take the plunge and sign up for B school, and it just felt so perfect to help bring forth this whole new level of being in service to the indigenous women.

  • One of the key things that I learned you are special, you are unique and you have something that's worth bringing to the world.

  • You can really just be you and be authentic and share what you know and share what you have to offer.

  • We're attracting new board members, new donors that I previously only dreamed of working with, and I really have a way to bring so many ideas that were floating around and distill it into action.

  • There is just no other program that I have come across that can take you from really like ground zero to a thriving entrepreneur.

  • If you have that gut feeling that now is the time and you have the impetus, the will to really apply yourself, you are going to get so much out of it.

I am angry Miller and I am the founder of Indigenous Celebration.


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グランドゼロから成功へ - MBA卒業生のB-Schoolへの挑戦|アン・マリー・ミラーのB-Schoolレビュー (From Ground Zero to Thriving — One MBA Grad’s Take On B-School | Anne Marie Miller’s B-School Review)

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