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  • nestled in the mountains south of Nada is the celebrated Mount Yoshino, considered to be one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the country.

  • The mountain also serves as the grounds of campus.

  • Angie, one of Japan's most important centres of mountain worship.

  • In addition to this local heritage and abundant nature makes, you should know a truly enjoyable place to visit any time off the year.

  • My name is Raina on staff writer for Japan guide dot com, and today I'll be reporting on some of the best attractions in Yoshino.

  • Here's the plan on day one, after landing at Kansai International Airport will take trains to all soccer Abin Habashy station from where will transfer to a limited express Yoshino station.

  • From there will take the rope way or a bus to Yoshino Oyama Station, where a bus will take us all the way to the top off the mountain.

  • We then walked down the mountain, checking out some of the spots along the way to keep usin G, the areas most important simple.

  • Just a stone's throw away from the tempo todo con where we'll be staying the night on Day two after attending the early morning prayers at Kimpo Cindy Way head back down the mountain to a town of Yamato community.

  • We will try out a chopstick making experience.

  • Well, then check out the town's sake culture at a local brewery before taking trains, too.

  • Has a data, one of not a perfect is most scenic temples.

  • So follow along as we go on a two day trip, exploring the esoteric Mount Yoshino and its traditional Crafts Day.

  • One way after landing at the airport, we head to the baggage counter to forward a suitcase dinara, where we'll be staying after this two day trip.

  • This allows us to travel without having to carry out bulky suitcase way, then head to the airports, train station and border train towards Yoshino.

  • I'm gonna take this strange to us, you know, look super luxurious, and I can't wait to take it way from National Station will take a bus or the rope way to Yoshino Yemma station, and from there we bought a bus to the top of the mountain.

  • We will go check out the Takagi Emma Observatory.

  • I'm here the Yoshino Mick Ahmadi shrine, and it's so quiet and peaceful here.

  • Shrine was rebuilt in the 17th century and the architectural design that you can see around me also from that period After a visit to the shrine, we head down to the Hanaya Goto viewpoints for stunning views of the area.

  • Way way finally reached the goal of today's walk, which is campus Andy behind me campus Ngeze, the symbol and most important temple on Mt.

  • Yoshino as well as intrigue Indo the mountain worship religion.

  • It's also not far from my accommodation for the night and that's where I'm headed after this.

  • Ah had a big day this time for dinner.

  • The food here looks amazing and I can't wait to dig in.

  • Goodbye day two morning Still dark outside and it's cold, but I'm gonna head to keep usin G to join in the morning Prayers.

  • Let's go way Morning prayers were quite an experience in amount.

  • Back in my accommodation for breakfast.

  • After checking out of my yoga, it is now time to hit back to you Chynna station and take a train to Yemen to community.

  • From there we're gonna take a taxi to the chopstick making workshop way chopstick making place.

  • And I'm going to change this to this way.

  • Next stop is the Kitamura Shuzo Sake Brewery, locally famous for being in business and making sake.

  • Since 17 88 the owner granted as a very special private visit of brewery and took us through the steps of sake making before ending your trip will take a short walk back to Yamato Comedy Station and take trains for about 80 minutes to Acid Era, an impressive temple built in 6 86 It's spectacular grounds built along hillside make for a pleasant stroll and it's an idea like wait and wait way main object of worship.

  • Yet president as an 11 hit it, cutting on statute which we're going to see right now.

  • It was Constanta would in 15 38 and standing at over 10 meters tall.

  • It is also one of the largest wooden Buddha statues in Japan.

  • On with our visit to Hazard a temple coming to an end, so does this two day trip around Mount Yoshino.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • I hope this video was enjoyable and helped spark new ideas on where to visit during a trip to Japan.

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  • New uploads, Happy travels.

nestled in the mountains south of Nada is the celebrated Mount Yoshino, considered to be one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the country.


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密教と神秘の吉野山| (Esoteric & Mystical Mount Yoshino |

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