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  • what your strikers told me all about you.

  • I tell parents.

  • Michael's popular.

  • You see, we usually unlike some my father can afford the best.

  • At least no one on the Griffin Door team had to buy their way in.

  • They go to dump your talent.

  • No one off your opinion, you filthy mob blood.

  • The others he decided to boys, I think it's time we teach weasel be how to respect its superior hope.

  • You don't mean yourself proper speeded for the no glad of divination may be young in years with heart beats beneath your bosom Mrs.

  • Triple was an old man's so dry as the pages of the books to choose desperately Cleave indoors.

  • Coming!

  • Look who's here.

  • Ah, come to see the show you you found later than even little cockroach.

  • Her mining?

  • No, he's not worth it.

  • Wait, What?

  • Anyone That felt good.

  • No good.

  • Brilliant.

  • You can tell.

  • Dark Wizard is at large once again.

what your strikers told me all about you.


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ハーマイオニーの最も生意気な瞬間 パート2 (Hermione's Most Sassy Moments Part 2)

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