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  • tonight we're paying tribute to healthcare workers.

  • But there are lesser known heroes who deserve credit to.

  • And that's our food delivery people who bring us the most important thing.

  • We could eat food, so I order some food.

  • The guys coming up the street now to thank him made him a pizza.

  • Here we go.

  • Hey, how you doing?

  • What's your name?

  • Where you're from?

  • Story.

  • Oh, yeah, I know.

  • I mean, from Las Vegas.

  • Anyway, I think I made you a pizza.

  • Thank you.

  • Because we're doing a show right now to thank people who are working during this time.

  • My wife baked you a tie.

  • It's very hot.

  • It's terrible.

  • I'm gonna hold onto every second.

  • Here's some clean money.

  • And we got you some toilet paper to thank you for everything you do with money.

  • I would hug you right now, but I don't want us to get sick.

  • So thank you and say hello to everybody, Will you?

tonight we're paying tribute to healthcare workers.


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ジミー・キンメルは食品配達のヒーローを驚かせる (Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Food Delivery Hero)

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