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  • most people's dogs obey them.

  • Mine only obeys the call of the wild.

  • You're taking them on a three day hike.

  • You don't know anything about scouting.

  • What kind of scout are you, anyway?

  • A Beagle Scout?

  • Of course, he's pretty confident.

  • All right, Knapsack inspection.

  • A scout never carries more than the strict minimum First aid kit and lunch.

  • The wonder if they're lost.

  • Of course they're lost.

  • That stupid beagle couldn't find the nose on.

  • If Faith I don't think he's that bad.

  • After all, he is a beagle Scout, you know?

  • Finally, a letter from Snoopy.

  • 13 meals a day.

  • No, he wrote me because I'm his master and he misses me while he's away from home.

  • Dear Round.

  • Hit it, kid.

  • Yep, that's Snoopy.

  • Why can't I have a dog who can at least remember my name?

  • Kansas City.

  • Wow, What a place!

  • You should see it, dear Round headed kid.

  • I am writing this letter in a store that sells typewriters.

  • Right now a clerk is eyeing me rather suspiciously.

  • What's the matter?

  • Don't I look like a customer?

  • As I leave, I realized I'd for gotten to ask him if he knew where I could find my darling Bell Bell.

  • Do you know balance?

  • Bell has always loved the water.

  • So I decide to go take a walk by the seaside.

  • And so I walked clear around Kansas City.

  • But I never found the ocean.

  • I guess I forgot to tell you that Bell is my sister.

  • If it turns out she needs help, will you send some money?

  • Snoopy has any money.

  • I finally found her.

  • What a re Union Bell is just as beautiful as ever.

  • She's become a designer and invited me to her first fashion show.

  • Okay, so you beat your taking your beagle Scouts on a hike.

  • Well, how long will you be gone?

  • You going far?

  • Yes, I see.

  • He's right for such a long way.

  • It is better to have good, sturdy walking sticks by this time, Snoopy and his scout troop are probably out in the wild country where man has never tried beyond civilization.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Let me see if I understand you were out far beyond all civilization.

  • Suddenly you heard five chocolate chip cookies calling you to whom it may concern.

  • Please allow our two experts to dive into your swimming pool to inspect the quality of the water.

  • This official letter is from the Minister President of the world's Inspection of quality of swimming Pool water.

  • You can't be the Minister president of the world.

  • And if you could, I doubt you'd say please.

  • It's not making me feel guilty.

  • I was here first.

  • A coin.

  • Okay, We'll flip a coin.

  • Heads, I stay in this pool tales.

  • I let you go in and I find somewhere else.

  • Why didn't I say two out of three?

  • Theme New airport construction project has hit a snag.

  • The owner of a piece of property situated in the middle of the terrain refuses to sell.

  • We're not about to get on a plane any time soon, Sally.

  • I wonder who that landowner could be.

  • You, Snoopy, You're the owner.

  • But how can you own land?

  • You want it at poker?

  • Handsome rabbits?

  • Anyone there?

  • Blair?

  • Why won't you sell?

  • What else can you do with that land?

  • He was thinking of a bird sanctuary.

  • If you sold your land to the Airport commission, you could make a $1,000,000.

  • He's not interested in money, but he'd also be doing the community of service.

  • If you did sell, you'd probably get to meet some airlines tortoises.

most people's dogs obey them.


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