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Your first steps in Japan are mostly likely to start right here:
Welcome back to Narita Airport!
I want to show you guys something. Let's head down to the basement first.
Within 3 hours of landing you can already start checking off your list:
Eat Japanese food... (this looks amazing!)
Get pictures at a temple, pick up some cool souvenirs.
At Narita Airport you'll see blue information booths that say KEISEI or SKYLINER.
Inside you can ask them anything in English, use the computers, look up trains, pick up Skyliner tickets to Tokyo,
but before you go there's an extra special ticket here called the Kaiun Pass.
This pass is really good if you have a long layover
because it'll take you roundtrip to Keisei Narita Station,
an area just 10 minutes from the airport
that has all the full-on Japanese things you're expecting, all in one spot.
We made it to the Keisei Narita station using this guy
let's check out the map and figure out where we're going.
We're here at the Keisei Narita Station
then I'm going to go this way down Omotesano Street and over.
So let's imagine this!
You get off the plane, you're on a layover
Our goal is to get (1) something good to eat, (2) a good souvenir and (3) a good sightseeing place.
Udon, soba, beer and sausages over there...
So I got a negi-miso senbei.
It's like a savory, puffed cracker.
It can be sweet or savory but mine is definitely a savory flavor.
This counts as my first Japanese Eats!
There's a heat to it! You can see the red pepper flakes.
Narita is famous for its hot pepper flakes and I can taste them really good.
We tried a few different versions
and came up with this new, improved design!
Yeah, I can see the different sizes!
These bulky designs got in the way in the kitchen!
But this way you can slide it inside to store it
and hang it in the kitchen, too.
Perfect Japanese technology!
We named this improved grater "JAWS"!
Can you see that? It says JAWS like the movie!
You can grate apples, potatoes, lotus root,
originally this was used to grate daikon radish
but now you can grate cheese, too!
and you can make fresh bread crumbs, too.
Homemade panko breadcrumbs! That's great!
I got my first souvenir! This was originally a daikon grater.
Now it's gone through ten different layers of Japanese technology upgrades
But I'm gonna use it as a cheese grater instead and maybe make some homemade panko.
Number 2 on our checklist is to eat something especially Japanese.
So today I'm eating the speciality, UNAGI.
You can find Unagi shops all along the Omotesando
but I stopped in this place, called "Hishiya".
Ta-daa! Woo!
Look at the sauce on that! The caramel, shiny brown color!
This looks really good!
Ready for a big bite!
That's really soft!
I really like the sauce on that!
So I showed them my Kaiun Pass
and I got a free gift... an EaR CLEaNeR?! Hehe.
That's a little different!
But it's got the temple on it so it's got kind of a local flair.
These chopsticks-rests are so cute! There's a shiitake mushroom, tempura,
They even have okonomiyaki...SAUCE!!
Black sesame ice cream is one of my favorite flavors
but I've never had it with the ground, fresh sesame on top like this.
Ohmygod.... it almost tastes like peanut butter! But lighter and not as guilty.
So, lunch - CHECK! Souvenir - CHECK!
Hishiya, the place where we had lunch, is not just a restaurant
it's also a ryokan, and it's right next to the temple
so if you were to come here, and you wanted to stay as close to the temple as possible
you could do that, or just have lunch like we did.
So I made it to Narita-san, which is a famous temple.
It has a huge campus and there are so many things to see.
When you come to the top of the stairs you make it to the campus here
which has the huge bell back there, the pagoda, and the temple itself.
Basd on if you have a little bit of time or are trying to get back to the airport on layover
you can basically just hangout and do whatever you want.
But, let's head back to the airport!
If you've got a long layover or you're on your way to Tokyo,
this first stop at the airport will help you hit the ground running.
This is the Tokyo subway ticket, it's for 24 hours.
You can start at any day, any time.
When you put this ticket into the machine your 24 hours begins.
OK so I put this in the machine, not the manned ticket booth.
Yes, machine please.
So the Kaiun pass got a free gift and some discounts along the Omotesando street.
But this Skyliner ticket and subway pass is what's gonna get us to and around Tokyo.
Other train passes usually don't cover the subway lines so this is really helpful
to get you to Skytree and other spots around town.
The skyliner is the new fastest way to get to Tokyo,
with plenty of space and outlets to get you recharged and on your way.
Next up, I've got two more places to show you around town.
So until then, I'll see you next time. Bye!


日本へ来たばかりの六時間!成田&東京の旅 (FIRST 6 HOURS IN JAPAN | Narita and Tokyo travel tips)

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