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we've noticed that it greatly enhances the taste so Cheers
I'm currently struggling to remember how it is you perform a braid
it can all be squashed did you get your pillow pillow
are we cozy enough we are hey guys how's it going welcome to another quarantine
life vlog in Canada episode yes it has been almost a month yeah that's a long time
to be locked up guys sure is is it starting to feel a little
bit like the new normal isn't it it is it is I think maybe like the first
couple of weeks were a bit tougher but now we're getting used to it um so yeah
anyway this week is Easter so we thought we would film a few little clips of a
small family meal yeah I mean just games just everyone living under the roof yeah
basically so yeah we wanted to share that with you guys and then at the end
of the video we're just gonna sit down chat drink some tea yeah sound good
so guys quarantine life in Canada vlog part 2 roll the footage alright guys so we are
now in the kitchen preparing our Easter lunch yeah so my dad is in charge of
cooking once more since he did so well with the by ADA yeah so well yes so
today we are going to be having lamb it's actually lamb leg right yeah yeah
without the bone is a boneless piece of yeah leg of lamb and this one I think it
comes from New Zealand and we have it here marinating since last night we had
a oil parsley garlic and rosemary and a little bit of pepper and what we're
doing here because we're gonna cook it in the oven we were planning to do it on
the grill but today Friday is the Friday you know how it is the weather always
changes and outside is so windy and so cold that we decided to move the whole
party indoors so this one is gonna go into
in the oven and we're going to add some liquid to it now some wine red wine the
secret here is to have the meat not to touch the bottom of the pan because then
is going to be floating on the liquid and instead of cooking is going to boil
you want it to be broiled right so to avoid that what we did is we made like a
bed of vegetables onions celery carrots and then we put the meat on top yeah
it's time to get started ChaCha so I have one job in the kitchen
today I'm in charge of making the braided Easter bread it looks a little
something like this and we sure hope it turns out like that I've never made this
before so we'll see how it goes but I mean I have a recipe to follow this is
pretty straightforward well I'm gonna tell you the pressure is on because we
made a lot of different foods for the very first time a lot of different
dishes like to say not foods and yeah nothing's been it done yet yes yeah
fifties not this time
we just have to start getting our hands dirty we can't wait any longer little
elbow grease huh yeah so in the end that we decided to follow the easiest recipe
out there which is the one that comes on the side of the bag of flour on our
Robin Hood well bread mix better to do it simple
and safe than complex and sorry right so we come down to the basement it is time
to choose a bottle of wine for today's meal let me tell you our collection has
been depleted dwindling we first came home we had
quite a quite a nice - now we're down to ten but um there's still some good ones
in there so yeah we thought we'd uh we'd show you guys what we've got we thought
we had some warm but when we came down here and I looked at the what's left
I got tachycardia now remember worried about that we don't we don't know for
the toilet paper for these you know this is where we kept them in quarantine -
yeah quarantine life has depleted our resources what do we have left what do
we have this one is so Domingo's this is from Portugal and this is the one we're
gonna have today I'll put it aside oh this is a scene from there
Ravenswood from California 2016 California wine here oh that's a good
one that's a beauty that from Argentina this is from Hawaii when we went to
visit this bodega she hadn't made specially for us because you see they
didn't even put she did the homemade labels right I thought yeah she's just
put the like I don't like the backing yeah and she prepared it for us right on
the spot kind of a special place to grow the wine too because it's is north of
Salta and who we wine industry is just starting to
emerge that's a really we already had one of them really good very high
altitude high altitude watch it was a very different than crazy vineyard on
the side of this mountain there's nothing there it's just like a desert we
got one here patagonian secret this one is from
Argentina what else is there oh that's a pretty label yeah you like the label
there yeah this one most of these I think I think the
recipes are from Argentina routine e wines from Mendoza Cabernet Malbec
combination that should be a nice strong one for next time we do a barbecue or a
pass oh yeah a hearty pasta Mendel another
Malbec from from Mendoza so yeah we have a nice collection from Argentina please
it's a combination of what we brought back and also what we were able to buy
in Canada they sell a lot of Argentine wines so this reserve is like your
terroir only say in French yeah your little piece of a specific piece of land
almost like a terroir like a Tarun you know interesting and this one's Cabernet
Franc that is not a very common point in Argentina nicely Malbec
this is mira jovem mira java from Patagonia true so on the vault
yeah 2050 I don't think we've ever had that no no wow some can be friends and
last but not least butyl do you recognize the name well back oh yeah of
course it's from a cafe a day we went there we did we sure did we spent a
lovely afternoon I have to admit like it yeah it was so busy then we couldn't we
couldn't get the regular restaurant but this is a grand reserve from 2015 and
yeah it reminds us of some really good times
mm-hmm and the other box it's empty we've started like an album collection
of wine labels yeah so yeah we have a lot of empty bottles that we need to do
we still need to process those until then their labels off yeah and I
think we'll probably probably what we'll do given the situation of the quarantine
is in Ontario there's a store called the LCBO which sells to everywhere and you
can still place an online order and then go pick it up so that's what I think
we'll do is we'll probably instead of just going through the store and
shopping and well we'll pay for it in advance have it arrive there and it'll
be in the box we've done this before you just go in and and sign for it because
we've already we'll have already paid for it by credit card and then you just
take it right out yeah we cannot run out because this is how I fight the coded 19
you know all right guys let's go upstairs and keep cooking
the lambie's on top of the bed of the veggies the wine is in there I already
added a little bit extra more pepper fresh ground and salt
I like coarse old I don't think I mean it's a little bit thicker somehow I feel
you got a better taste that's old so we're gonna cover it with the aluminum
foil we're gonna put in the oven at 380 we're gonna let it cook like that for a
while then you remove the aluminum foil to give it that broadly golden touch so
it's fully roasted rightfully cool and we are now ear reading the wine yeah
this is a double decanter system guys yeah in the last video people were
asking like what is that thing you are using there's there's I think this is
like a pouring aerator yeah so this this allows the wine to breathe yes and it
really it adds a I just smooth this to it oxygenates yeah the wine so we
usually do this I don't know like 30 minutes to an hour before we drink it
and we've noticed that it greatly enhances the taste so this is a good
investment you can pick these up sometimes on sale the what you see below
me I think like for 20 30 bucks yeah we got the one Amazon we can link to it yes
no give you guys some options if you want to get one of yours
I am now going to breed the bread bring in the bread so we need to divide this
into like three pieces you're just making some long little
worms you look like bigot I'm currently
struggling to remember how it is you can form a braid not on bread on my hair I
got it it looks like a pretty little cookie it started off a little rough but
so now we're getting the potatoes ready this is simple it's a matter of peeling
the potatoes we use a mixture of oil garlic parsley has a little bit of salt
I'm gonna put a little bit of pepper and it's just a matter of getting them
really really sold we are going to go into these pirates we're going to put a
little we already put a little bit of oil and with a little Brasserie of your
hand make sure you you spread the oil so it doesn't get it doesn't stick
you know potatoes they like to stick yeah so yeah with a little bit of this
oil that's it you know you do it nicely like that
so we are now painting our loaf of bread our braided Easter bread this second one
that my mom made I think it's gonna be super spongy and fluffy you can just
tell by the texture I have a feeling - and it turned out a little harder if I
get if I get daya okay call it
so we've taken a drastic decision here we're going to open another bottle of
wine because we figured that one bottle that's not gonna be enough we want to
reserve that one for when the lamb is ready and it's still long way to go and
in the meantime we're kind of need something to do you know the fingers I
will know what to do so mine will open a bottle of wine and enjoy so we're gonna
go for this one called meter unum or my terroir
you know it's a Cabernet Franc from 2013 is from Mendoza and this is a French
great right from Bordeaux from Bordeaux originally a really dark grape they use
this great to cut the wines usually the merlot with the Cabernet Sauvignon they
put a little bit of this inside you can also drink it on its own can't wait to
try it it's not it's not one that we typically have from Argentina nothing so
let's go for it yeah some of the special ones we've had have included this one
it's gonna be this one and then we had at a nap a little nap yeah which is
typical of Uruguay as well your way yeah that's their national great pretty good
- yeah it's good good wines we're going to decant it a little bit because he
said 2013 it's a you know it's not an extremely fresh wine so we're going to
use and the English Channel don't know but we have these Bacchus look at the
face there that's the backhoe so this is supposed to be the guard buckle that's a
god of the wine this one belonged to my father when he came from Austria to
Argentina 1927 some of the things he brought it was this it was a set with
all the glasses the same type of glass and different colors we had blue we had
orange red I don't know what happened today to the glass set but this one is
still standing and we're going to use it it's made of pewter
and the glass I don't know you know what they used to do is prolly from the 1800s
in Europe good to the last drop now we're going to let it with the lid
open we're gonna let it breathe also a little bit
it tastes a lot better than if you drink it straight out of the bottle it gives
it a little bit extra smoothness if you will and sometimes we just hit it
straight but usually when the Winer are nice and good quality we'll try to to do
it this way 15-20 minutes and then we want to try that's a nice one let's
rinse the wine let's not start without because you know how I get with the
cherries and the berries and the apples and the plums leather and wood chocolate
and cinnamon or wine a similar way like one you know what I like to what I like
to read on the back of the labels the history about the vineyard the history
about the first people that came they planted the vines how they use the world
what they had to go through that that's what's interesting you know yeah I don't
want to read about chocolate and leather and I got a taste like grapes and you
got a taste like good wine that's it okay people what we've done is we remove
the de pan from the oven so we can work a little bit better outside we flip the
meat okay on the other side and now we're gonna
remove the aluminum foil and it's going to go back into the oven and what we won
now is for it to broil up till this point with the aluminum foil
it was evaporating and catching all the scents and the flavor from the wine from
the veggies now we don't need that anymore now what we need is to get that
that broiled brownish finish that it it's what we're looking for right
because of the heat that comes out of the oven you know so I need to refresh
myself otherwise you know you dry up inside so this is the best water is good
but sometimes if you want too much water you can get rusty inside you don't want
your body to be rusted so this one flexes you and also the doctor said that
a glass of wine red wine every day it's very good for the heart yes so I
followed the doctor's advice you know not every day but whenever we can
the lamb is just came out of the oven potatoes - you haven't no when you take
the meat out of the barbecue or whatever it is you're cooking before you start
cutting and slicing and eating give it 10 minutes to rest
well the food is served we've already eaten half of it before we thought about
picking up the camera good we're gonna wait oh yes first tree is already gone
guys I still do pieces more but three pieces
are gone potatoes here they're perfect I mean it's your perfect and they taste
beautiful I'm having the carrot and one that we put as a bed underneath the meat
with the wine this is amazing yeah and the lamb itself is just melts
so soft use butter finger butter knife for out a knife and I just love the
garlic and the rosemary and the parsley it just gives everything a delicious
aroma yeah unless but not least good huh oh yeah this is a Portuguese one well
this is kind of embarrassing we didn't really want to show it but my loaf did
not turn out no what we were just discussing and you made the perfect
hockey puck it's hard enough and it could knock out a teeth teeth too and I
make a hole in the drywall yeah like to me it reminds me of Yogi or a potato
it's just like very dense and heavy and I don't know if it's fully cooked either
yeah it's cool the problem is of the year rice rice yeah inactivate there are
bees for some reason I think is to call inside the house I was saying before the
best pizza dough ever made is you prepare the dough in the morning yeah
keep it in a bowl and you cover it so you deprive it of oxygen and then it
rises really nicely so next time we should do something like that I mean we
set it aside for 45 minutes because that's what the recipe said but clearly
it wasn't long enough or you could be that the yeast was already outdated
maybe I killed the yeast it said warm water and I used boiling water
and there you have it well fortunately we had a really nice lunch I didn't ruin
the day it has to be slightly warm so these econ he can start multiplying if
you use boiling water your Sheldon you'll kill the yeast
that's that's the problem that Audrey kill they discover the great mystery
there we go you just needs to be lukewarm like one
will learn from our mistakes lesson learned
okay you have to do another one always a nice loaf of bread that's right
we were expecting it well the lamb was fantastic so the wines were good the
patina my favorite part was potatoes Oh mine too
yes with the rosemary garlic nearly that was amazing and the oil at the bottom
there I know and I scooped out some of the juices from the lamb and the oil
that stuff like that and the wine and I spread it over the potatoes like five
minutes before we took them out of the oven yeah and he was like oh wait a
flavor I think that's a that's a tip that we can actually give to you guys is
if you have a disappointing wine and it's not drinking worthy keep it and use
it for cooking because it turns out great usually the wines that are not fit
for human consumption like is because they have so much alcohol content that
is impossible to drink but when you use it for cooking with the heat in the oven
or in a in the pot or whatever you're cooking with the alcohol evaporates so
what you have left at the end is basically the the wine juice it's not
alcoholic anymore yeah well anyways this is somewhere Friday Easter Friday and we
hope that you people whatever it is are you watching this video from you'll have
a beautiful Easter and it's a different year we cannot get together with the
rest of the family I guess you you won't be able to do that too unless
the most out of it you know yeah let's all try to keep safe watch out for each
other stay at home keep the distance yeah watch your hands we're math that's
what it is so we're gonna sit down for a little catch-up but first we need to
yeah I'm gonna get show you guys a little tour of my tea collection one of
the things I've allowed myself to indulge in since I've been kind of on a
diet is tea because these warm drinks kind of fill up my stomach although
that's not always the case I still want to eat all right well show us your
collection yeah I got quite the stash so it's literally - oh yeah these are my
favorite teas because they're caffeine free and I get enough caffeine with my
coffee and so for instance this is one of my favorites minty licorice delight
thumbs up if you guys like licorice that is probably what I call my favorite
collection that is my favorite one thing I don't have to worry about is you going
into and having any exactly here's what's in it
licorice root peppermint wild mint fennel and cinnamon and that's a and
then my other favorite licorice tea which is called licorice spice I need to
refill that half somewhere up upstairs now this one is licorice root cinnamon
orange peel star anis vanilla extract well I don't know this is sarsa padishah
interesting orange oil cinnamon oil with other natural flavours the clove bud oil
and cardamom oil I wonder if it's like from the you know the perilla leaves
that we use in Korea when we're having a barbecue that could be it you know what
I'm gonna go for something a bit more festive I need you to have the chamomile
apple cinnamon that's what I'm gonna choose for my team let's see what's
there not one check the ingredients for that fridge yeah all the all the
products in Canada are in English in French so this one has cinnamon hibiscus
chamomile and natural apple flavor okay I'm gonna have one of those what are you
having I'll have my like reinforce okay and
mugs who need mug books have any Candida collection mugs that
are clean no but we do have Argentine ones oh no we do we have Atlantic Canada
ok whatever my parents are living and then we have one oh sorry
yeah we've been collecting mugs lately the best of Canada and Argentina there
you go there we go okay
okay I've already been having some with it a mid TT like Hershey good minty it's
licorice mint this one in particular Oh Cheers
doesn't sound like my cup of tea yes here we are chilling out in the little
basement apartment by the way we've been quarantine with my parents in their home
they have this free apartment that they let us make you Canada they've been kind
enough to let us stay down here for oil and so it's a little bit of yeah it's a
quarantine life it's hermit life in Canada - hmm
quarantine life in Canada yeah yeah just surrounded by suitcases and boxes
filled with our personal possessions for like everything we've accumulated
traveling oh yeah we'd love to hear from you guys in the comments let us know how
you're spending this time yeah where you're spending this time where has
anything changed have you guys gotten a little bit more used to this is it
becoming more difficult to be honest it changes for at least for me day-to-day
like there's some days where I just feel like I'm busy with with editing videos
or my minds focused on other things and it doesn't seem to bother me as much but
then there's other days where I'm worrying about what's going on I kind of
worry about the health of my family of your family of the health of our
business things like that and then on those days it's really difficult and I
really you know I really feel the quarantine effects yeah
just not knowing when it's gonna end not being able to make many plans just about
anything like even it's not even really travel plans at the moment just like
what was coming up for us was was going to visit my parents and that's been put
on hold because of this you know they're advising against non-essential travel
and because they live in a different province fair ways away we've put that
on hold so I think one of the things we've found most difficult is just not
being able to plan really anything but at the same time I think there's been
some benefits of that I've been positive I can think of several positives
I really should talk about the positives let's be optimist let's be optimistic
okay so what about for you so one of the things that has been really nice
is that during this period I've actually been catching up with friends that I
haven't spoken to in a long time like friends who live overseas in Europe and
South America yeah video calls right yeah video calls and like catching up
with family members that we maybe haven't spoken to in a while we've been
doing like Skype calls so they're really nice because now everyone has the time
that I think people are usually busy and they have different schedules and you're
in different time zones but now everyone's at home right so it's been a
lot more time to do that that's been great
something that's been good for me personally like on a mental level is
just I like when I have successful days is sort of when I'm in the moment so I
feel like this is forced me to be a little bit in more in the moment be in
the present be in the present because if I start thinking about the future it's
obviously stressful right because they're like like I've said before we
can't really make any plans you know worrying about health worrying about our
business all these different things and it's completely unproductive to do that
because you know we don't have any control over the situation yeah and by
staying at home you know collectively we're all doing the best for you know to
keep to keep people as healthy as possible to keep society healthy to keep
healthcare workers as healthy as possible so they're not overwhelmed so I
mean this is a sacrifice that everyone is making and I think I think when it's
all said and done and it could be a very long time from now it could be weeks or
months well I feel I feel like we're gonna be like different as individuals
and different as a society and in many different ways
and I hope that something positive will come out of it overall I think people
will realize where their priorities lie and like what's really important in your
life I think this is kind of like a time of
reflection and introspection I toes really like analyze where you are in
life yeah exactly exactly I think it's also been humbling too it's special
like when you run small businesses like what we do
you can think that oh you're gonna achieve as much this year and then maybe
next you know you're planning ahead for the future yeah it can all be squashed
overnight which is uh which is humbling yeah and I think that you know at least
for people of our generation from Canada we haven't had that that experience in
our lives that so many other generations have gone through whether it be war
pandemic or an economic collapse or something we've just we've been lucky
that way and now this is kind of the first real big collective thing yeah
that we've had to deal with as adults and so it's gonna be something that is
gonna be I think it's gonna be a pivotal moment in our lives and a lot of other
people's lives it's gonna it's gonna change things for sure
mm-hmm yeah we don't know what direction but uh yeah well there's just some
bosses and uh going through my head I don't know how you guys are feeling but
yeah let us know exactly what whatever it is you're feeling right now in terms
of what we've been talking about or what we haven't been talking about because uh
yeah this is a unique time for sure yeah we're all in this together also we were
toying with the idea of doing a live a YouTube live so you call it we've never
done one of these before my mystery yeah I think there's a live
stream or super chat or basically going to live turning on the web camera
and going live would you guys be interested let's do that you'd be
interested there's a few different ideas we could do who can potentially sit down
and eat something yeah and go live and answer questions or we could get
questions kind of an event through Instagram yeah a wall post that's true
and we could answer so let us let us know what you would prefer like a
pre-recorded Q&A where you send in your questions and we respond or if you'd
prefer to do it live and just live it on the spot
see you see ya see exactly see what happens yeah yeah I'm putting it out
there so I guess that's been the update our life in Canada under quarantine
yes yeah almost a month let us know how quarantine life is for you guys
yeah and I will see you in another episode soon sounds good take care stay
healthy Tata and Happy Easter Easter



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