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  • if I asked you what you thought.

  • The highest point on Earth is what would be your answer.

  • Mount Everest.

  • Everest is accepted to be the highest mountain on earth when using the conventional method of measuring mountains.

  • But if we wanted to find the point on Earth that was closest to space than Everest is beaten by Mount Chimborazo, located in Ecuador, the traditional way we measure mountains is the height from sea level to the peak ever.

  • It's coming in at 8848 meters and Chimborazo a lot shorter at 6268 meters this'll but not even put it in the top 100 tallest mountains.

  • So how on earth can this possibly be closer to space?

  • It has to do with the shape of the earth.

  • This is how we picture the earth, a perfect circle.

  • But in fact the earth has a slight bulge in the equator due to the centrifugal force caused by the earth's constant rotation around its access.

  • Basically, it bulges.

  • A base in the middle, as it spends on the shape, is called an oblate spheroid, Everest says a decent bit above this bulge on the equator, whereas Chimborazo is very close to it.

  • This makes the peak of Chimborazo over 3000 meters further away from the center of the Earth compared to Everest and the closest points you can be to the moon and space with your feet touching the ground.

  • So who wants to go and stand on the closest point to the stars on Earth?

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if I asked you what you thought.


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