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  • hi it's Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today it's a

  • bonus you get four words your words are no meaning not any know and knows meaning

  • that you're aware of and nose what we breathe out of so let's break these

  • words down so no and know what we're going to do is we're going to touch the

  • tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth and let the air move out

  • of your nose nnn next move to the o and you're going to do this by opening your

  • mouth and in oval and then move to a pucker no no no now to say nose we're

  • going to take what we just learned and then we're going to end those words with

  • a z and to do this the tongue is going to be behind the top teeth can be either

  • right behind them or pointing down and your voice box is going to be on and

  • moving and the air will be moving continuously out of your mouth nose nose

  • nose so we have no nose no no nose nose no I don't know how he knows his nose is

  • broken give it a try people are going to notice

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  • Tarle Speech do com thank you all so much I hope to see you again soon

hi it's Jennifer from Tarle speech with your two for Tuesday today it's a


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NO, NOSE, KNOW, KNOWSの発音の仕方 - アメリカ英語発音レッスン (How to Pronounce NO, NOSE, KNOW, KNOWS - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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    Summer に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日