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  • In this video I'm gonna show you what it's like to use a Japanese moving company

    今回は、日本の引越し業者を使って オラ達が引っ越す様子紹介すっぞ

  • So if you've been watching my second channel Tokyo zebra

    オラのセカンドチャンネル、TOKYO ZEBRAを 観てくれてる皆は知ってると思うけど

  • You already know that Maiko and I are moving apartments here in Tokyo


  • If you haven't seen any of those videos and you want to see what we're doing in our regular lives

    オラ達の普段の様子は そっちのチャンネルで観れるから

  • Then definitely check out that channel


  • But in this video I wanted to break down the moving process

    てな訳で、今回は日本の業者を使って 引っ越しをする場合、どんな感じなのか

  • Here in Japan and show you all the ins and outs of the entire move


  • But before we start our video if you want to help support the channel

    始める前に、チャンネルサポートは グッズ購入からお願いな

  • definitely check out the Tokyo merch and I did ask the moving company RT Kochi Center if I could film this video and not only

    今回は、アート引越センターに 撮影協力をお願いしたんだけど

  • Did they say that I could film the video, but they would do it for free


  • So without further ado, let me take you behind the scenes of my move here in Tokyo

    タイアップって形で、無料でサービスを 提供してくれることになったんだ

  • So before the actual moving and packing day the moving company came over to inspect our place


  • Using a tablet the coordinator confirmed what items and furniture would be moved to the new apartment. And what would be thrown away?


  • After that he thoroughly explains the move process and optional services in the standard service

    タブレットを使って、どの家具を 新しいマンションへ持っていくのか

  • We pack on her own and the company moves our boxes and furniture to the new location


  • But since Michaels 8 months pregnant we opted for the full service which includes packing and unpacking services meaning


  • We really only need to prepare the fridge and valuable items. We may have as I show you the entire process

    スタンダードなサービスは、自分たちで荷造りして 引越しだけをお願いする形なんだけど

  • Let me know in the comments how it differs from your country

    今、マイコが妊娠8ヶ月だから フルサービスでお願いすることにしたんだ

  • So the professional Packers should be coming shortly

    フルサービスには、引越し作業に加えて 荷造りと荷ほどきが含まれてる

  • basically, what they're gonna do is they're gonna help us I pack all of our stuff today and then tomorrow the actual movers are gonna

    なんと、自分達でするのは 冷蔵庫の中身と貴重品のまとめだけなんだぞ

  • Come and then the following day that professional Packers will come back and they'll unpack everything for us

    動画を見ながら、みんなの国との違いに 気づいたらコメント欄で教えてくれよな

  • So from day one, I was blown away. I've never opted for the service before in my previous


  • Tokyo moves always opting for the standard service


  • first of all the Packers put on brand new pair socks when they come into our


  • Apartment to ensure that they're not bringing in any dust from outside

    で、最終日にまたプロの荷ほどきの人が来て 片付けをしてくれるんだ

  • The service itself is called apron service and rightfully so the ladies are wearing aprons and they specialize in


  • packing and

    オラが今まで経験した引越しとは 比べ物にならないくらい、すごいサービスだった

  • Organizing before the apron service commences the ladies lay down


  • Protective mats to ensure that the floors are not scuffed during the process

    まず初めに驚いたのは、部屋に入ってすぐ 新しい靴下に履き替えたことだ

  • And since our studio apartment is so small and we're still sleeping here tonight. They also covered our bed


  • On the boxes the Packers carefully note the details of what's being packed where it came from and its


  • destination in the new place, by the way


  • They use a red tape to indicate


  • Sweet with extra care yellow meaning that you need it right away at the new place and white means it's a standard box

    仕事を始める前に、まず床を傷つけないように マットを敷いたぞ

  • What's pretty cool about this service is that they pack everything including your plates

    それと、オラ達の部屋はスッゲー狭いし、 今夜も寝るから

  • They actually just pack it in normal boxes


  • Just like the white boxes that you see behind me


  • But we wanted to show you the actual boxes you use if you don't get the full service


  • They'll send you this like really sturdy plastic box


  • we're like


  • collapses and then turns into a full box and then it has like these little


  • dividers where you can put your plates your cops your bowls and it's a pretty

    このサービスの良い点は全部荷造りしてくれる点だ もちろん食器も!

  • Convenient and you can see that my Co is behind me doing it right now. How is it Michael?


  • Yeah, you have to wrap it in the papers and stuff


  • It is pretty easy if they were just a

    今日は、フルサービスを頼まなかった場合に使う、 梱包材を皆に見せたくて用意してもらったんだ

  • Different types, like this is close. I like small plates

    このめっちゃしっかりしたボックスを 貸してもらえるんだぞ

  • Like you like it suck it up and like it's really hard


  • The packers uses pre-constructed

    で、仕切りに合わせてお皿やコップ、ボウルが 入れられるようになってんだ

  • Collapsible hanger boxes to move all the hanging clothes from the closet


  • This saves quite a bit of time and it's much cleaner than just dumping clothes in a box or even the trash bag


  • Which I've seen other people do before. Oh and they also have a special box to carry shoes


  • Okay, so here we are half of the studio space is filled with boxes with some boxes in the kitchen


  • but we still need to access the fridge and the bathroom so they left a little space for us to


  • Do the inside of the fridge turn it off


  • So, this is the second day of remove we just woke up took a shower


  • It was kind of weird sleeping with all of these boxes kind of our last night here


  • But super excited for the movers to come and move all of our stuff to our new place. Anyway, the movers should be here shortly


  • So this is day two and this is what would be included in the standard of moving service


  • After a nice greeting the movers carefully cover the apartment building floors entrance doors elevators and even inside of the room


  • Basically blanketing the entire moving route to ensure that they don't scratch dents or damage any parts of the building


  • And then before the movers start moving boxes and furniture


  • They greet the neighbors to let them know that they'll be moving today and apologize in advance for any noise and inconvenience that they caused

    重ねられるようになってて すっごい丈夫だから

  • One thing that I


  • Really appreciated is that the movers also clean the furniture as they go so they don't bring dust into the new apartment

    クローゼットにかかった服は、 この組み立て式のハンガーボックスにかけるんだ

  • It's super nice because some of my furniture has been in hard-to-reach spots, which has collected dust over many years

    時間も節約できるし、 箱にぶち込むよりも綺麗に運べる

  • So it's only been about an hour and they've moved more than a half of our stuff already they're moving at lightning speed


  • It's pretty cool to watch all of this happen in person


  • This cabinet behind me has a glass kind of door at the top of it


  • And I've been using it as a whiteboard this entire time


  • So that's kind of like a dry erase marker on it and I've asked them to see if they cannot actually

    バスルームと冷蔵庫はまだ使うから、 そこへ行くスペースは確保してくれてる

  • Erase that dry erase marker. We'll see if it actually comes back like intact at the next place


  • So when they move larger furniture the movers use these quilted fabric tubes of different sizes to accommodate the type of furniture


  • I'm not sure though, but I don't think many countries use these quilted tubes. Anyway, let me know


  • They even prepare a special plastic cover for the mattress

    今日は引越し二日目! シャワー浴びて準備万端

  • For furniture that doesn't fit through the doors like this bed, they'll break it down and they'll actually rebuild it at the new place


  • I showed him off


  • And there you go the trucks are all filled

    ここにある物全部、引越し先へ移動してもらえるのが 待ち遠しいぞ!

  • And here's the bathroom all cleaned out


  • All right, so we just oh we just got here the movers are here right now

    二日目のスタートだ! この部分はスタンダードサービスに含まれるぞ

  • The movers just got here


  • They're gonna go downstairs is the hallway and do all like the wall protection in the ground protection


  • So it's actually pretty amazing. Is that at the previous apartment?


  • They were able to move and like pick up everything within like three hours or so. It's really really fast


  • Now the hair they took on our lunch break and yeah, let's see how the rest of the move goes. Oh


  • And he also changes into brand new socks at the new place as well

    それから、箱や家具を動かす前に 近所に挨拶に回るんだ

  • So even before they start they put a protective cover on the floor even inside of the apartment, especially in the high-traffic area


  • So they don't make any scratches also, they put covers along the walls, which is really nice


  • Movers also set furniture and specified places so we don't have to move it later on but in the case


  • We do the moving service does include one free layout change within one year after the move

    このおかげで新しいマンションへ ホコリを持っていかなくて済むもんな

  • When they bring in the boxes, they don't put them directly on the floor

    手が届かなくて掃除ができてない家具もあるから 本当に助かった

  • But instead they use a cover sheet to protect the floor. Oh


  • And that's a cabinet that I'm using as a whiteboard, let's see if they were able to preserve the writing I had on it oh


  • Nice all the writing is still there


  • Please put that one in the middle and the other one here


  • Can you move it a little bit more to the left perfect. Oh and here are the clothes


  • You're doing in my god


  • Yeah, I'm jumping for the stuff to store stuff


  • Just don't change

    マーカーの書き込みが消えないように運べるか お願いしてみたんだ

  • advice, yeah

    引越し先で消えてないか 確認しようぜ

  • about these guys

    でかい家具を移動する時は、 このキルトっぽいチューブ型の布で覆うんだ

  • So good morning everyone


  • This is day. Three and our final day of moving with a Japanese moving company


  • The apron service ladies should be coming in the next few minutes to help us unpack all of our stuff


  • We have a ton of boxes to unpack. So it will be really nice to get their help especially since Michaels pregnant

    マットレス 専用のカバーもあるぞ

  • First of all, I


  • Underestimated their unpacking service the apron service ladies didn't just unpack our stuff, but they also organized things for us


  • in fact


  • They tell us that if we don't know how to organize go teach us how to organize closets and kitchen cabinets


  • They even refolded our clothes and resorted them for our new closet configurations. And there you go. The closet looks much cleaner than before


  • They also provide a free kitchen sheets to put on the bottom of the cabinets to cushion the pots and pans nice

    今着いたばっかなんだけど、 引越しの人もちょうど来たみたいだ

  • They're really good like I'm doing makeup right now

    引越しの人たちは、今下で入り口や通路の 養生をしてくれてるところ

  • that's very much I care about but like she's like reorganizing my stuff and like she's asking me like Oh,


  • What do I wear often? Like what I don't use usually use this is I could be folding stuff


  • Yeah


  • Good


  • And when they finish they call headquarters on speakerphone and confirmed that the unpacking has been completed to our satisfaction

    その後 、1時間の昼休憩をとった

  • So that concludes the video a whole three days and were completely


  • Done with moving having a Japanese moving company, like art made it just so easy


  • I've actually done several moves in Tokyo before but never with a packing and unpacking


  • Service and it made it so much easier and faster Michael and I are not completely done outfitting this stuff


  • But we'll be doing that on the other channel Tokyo zebra

    傷つけないように、頻繁に使う通路部分は 特にしっかり目にやってくれてる

  • So if you want to see how this house turns out then definitely check out that channel

    壁もカバーしてくれる ありがてぇ

  • No one helps it where the channel check out the Tokyo and Osaka merch


  • also


  • If you want to see what I'm doing on the daily you check out my Instagram account


  • finally if you want to see more videos about Japanese culture or food and travel then definitely hit that subscribe button and the Belvin and

    引越し後一年以内なら、模様替えを手伝ってくれる サービス一回分がついてくるんだ!

  • I'll catch you guys in the next one


In this video I'm gonna show you what it's like to use a Japanese moving company

今回は、日本の引越し業者を使って オラ達が引っ越す様子紹介すっぞ


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