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well a good morning good morning guys today is our final day in El Bolson
after extending our trip like a million times
well only twice but yes we've been here a while and we have loved it a big
reason is the place where we got to stay this beautiful wooden cottage and also
our host Valentin our Airbnb host who became a friend and literally drove us
all over town and like to nearby communities it just made the trip so
much more special because we ought to see parts of it what's on that otherwise
we never would have made it to so before we take off we wanted to give you guys a
little tour because this place is pretty amazing so we're gonna start with the
interior of the cottage and then we're gonna move on to the outside because we
have a beautiful garden with gazebos and little ponds and streams and a BBQ so
yeah it's gonna be good today we are traveling Samuel where are
we off to what is next for us vigils Torah Vita Langosta we're gonna be
taking a bus there stopping in buddy lordship yes one hour
for an hour so it is a travel day Travel day and hopefully have some nice weather
I think we well the scenery on anytime we've been taking bus rides at Patagonia
has been fantastic all mountains and lakes
yeah great we are gonna miss elbow stone so much our hosts Valentin was the best
took us all these special events and yeah we have we've made a friend here so
we will be back again an elbow stone in the future okay so we begin this is the
entrance the front door and as soon as you come in you basically have an
open-concept space so we had our little living area actually turn into a bed it
could be 50 guests because you can fit four people upstairs
yes and another one here we can just lounge around read books hang out yeah
we've had a lovely heater that we did turn on in mufon's yes because it is
starting to cool down here in El Bolson Patagonia however at the moment
yes so testing warm before we head out that the heater works so well like it
doesn't just warm the the basement it carries it carries to the upstairs yeah
yes this was our dining area when athene left us some teas yeah also when we
arrived we had a fresh loaf of bread that lasted like 2 days we gobbled it up
quick good yeah and then here we have our fridge we have anything in our
fridge we leave anything oh we're just leaving a few things we should clean
this out oh yeah we forgot about that I forgot to do that and then we had our
little kitchen we didn't actually cook very much but I mean we would make tea
every morning mm-hmm boiler little kettle that was cool we turned on the
stove with the math with gas yeah and then we had this cool toaster yes you
basically just put your slice of bread on here yeah you flip it and its own we
have our sink little microwave for heating things up like right now that's
whenever we pay those those are breakfast this morning we you didn't it
was really good so let's check out oh there's the bathroom we both just
showers give you a tiny glimpse so bathroom bidet shower lots of hot water
of course the sink and that's all we need to show that's all we need to show
love the stairs going up this is a solid solid wood on spiraling although lead
the way so that brings us to the first bedroom and it's like the echo from
downstairs has gone here there's more like soundproofing insulation oh I just
noticed that um so yeah here we have two single beds if you're family with two
kids or visiting with friends two people can stay here and I just love the walls
again more logs it's all wood the floors the ceiling and there's like cool
designs as well like horizontal and then diagonal yeah it's just so warm and cozy
loved it big door yeah this is that is heavy-duty
guy that is some serious thickness yeah
big double bed yes we hide too little nightstands with lamps yeah it was just
so nice there's so many windows here we've got one two three four five
windows it lets in so much natural light and just as I say that yeah
little chair some spare blankets we do not need the blankets like I would wake
up in the morning like toasty yeah yeah and aside from the inside of the cabin
which is awesome there's also a really cool outdoors area with the garden a
grill and so we should take you outside and show you the rest of that yeah we
really should Oh another thing I should mention these cabins our Airbnb hosts
vining teen renovated them which is awesome and like you just finished doing
so you're like one month before we decided to stay here yeah so they must
have been a really fun project because they had hadn't been in use for quite
some time yeah we were some of the first guests I think we were like number four
number five yeah on Airbnb but it's just been such a great fine and like it made
our stay in El Bolson extra special yeah so yeah anyways let's head down and
let's show you the garden it's got like pawns and gazebos it's beautiful now for
the outside tour I am going to bundle up because the temperatures are dropping
little jackets and we'll show you the grounds we also had three wonderful
putts oh my goodness super-sweet dog baby kitten
a mama cat they made this day extra special we've had them and give them
lots of pets the whole time actually think to the neighbors pets but yeah
more time with us this is the cottage let's go look at all the flowers so the
grand tour begins we have this beautiful path lined with stone yep and then
there's like this little man-made stream that runs through the property it
continues down that way we have a cool wheel from an old carriage big easy bow
little gazebo which is super nice for hanging out in the afternoon if you want
to drink some tea or some Matas get in the Argentine spirit yes lots of flowers
flowers there's a nice little pond down there yeah great picnic table covered
picnic table there's the pond and this is where we had our barbecue when we
tried making our first Argentine asado it went pretty well shockingly well nice
rustic grill and then if you see over here there's the wood yeah and there's a
furthermore there's a bigger pile over there yeah just a really peaceful place
and we're only a 15-minute walk from the downtown downtown so honestly it turned
out to be the perfect place because here are the sounds of nature yeah birds the
wind yeah I mean if you come to elbow zone you're not coming for like an urban
experience you're coming for nature lots of hiking and yeah outdoor adventures
I'd much rather be slightly away from the city center right now you're hearing
like birds chirping and yeah this is great
mountains you guys we experienced some of the most magical sunsets while we
were here like the mountain just turns orange so yeah
that's the place now we need to go gather our bags we're gonna have a quick
bite in town with Valentin again then we're gonna get on the bus go to
bariloche then Villa La Angostura and that's our travel day
all right guys we have arrived we made it to be the language student or
apartment that's just one block from the bus terminal slow tripping and Argentina
so nice these these short days of the bus rights like we haven't had an
overnight journey since what's your layout all the way just yeah okay yeah
just two short bus rides hey I feel good I feel fresh can't wait to explore this
place yeah we do that we need to get some groceries
we are back from the supermarket we went down with LAN own Iman yeah we did
that's a really big supermarket here in this town
the boy was a busy on a Sunday evening hmm got a nice little stash of groceries
that'll hopefully last us for the five days over here huh
and yeah is a pretty typical but we tend to get we get we get our meat and our
cheeses and our fruits I wanted gather ingredients yeah so big fat Fanny smith
apples we have some hard cheese this her cheese but all this was a nice fine it's
our first time to buy water excited for that that a new wine we I think we were
attracted by the horse and it was also placed in between two wines we really
enjoy so we're like okay he's in good company and we've never tried this this
one Eugenio Bustos and yeah just everywhere we've gone we tried to like
pick a different wine I'm gonna get a different one interesting
we've got soda water salted almonds pepperoni stick salted crackers well its
eggs in green pepper and guys this what was like 25 US dollars yeah I mean this
probably won't be our only shot but it'll give us some piccata options
hmm and know where we off to do yeah so our hosts recommended a place right
across the street it's called Ischia load the skier and apparently
they have amazing food you can at the restaurant or do take away I think
Willie's there what's cool is that this street is like a few it's a few blocks
removed from like their main commercial center and I feel like this might be a
bit of a hidden gem there we go
well guys we're back home film is full good meal and at this point we're just
gonna say goodnight today we're tired tired see you soon see you soon with
more adventurous from Villa La Angostura


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