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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is how do I pronounce the word virus or an infection

  • you will hear virus related to an illness and you might hear that with the

  • flu or with the corona virus that we're hearing a lot about in the news or you

  • can also use a virus to talk about a computer infection so let's go ahead and

  • learn how to pronounce this word virus super easy to pronounce this word we're

  • going to look at two syllables for this word vie Russ virus and this is

  • technically the schwa but I'm writing it as Russ the boy's name because it might

  • be a little easier to remember so let's start with the vie this first sound in

  • the word is key you want to make sure that you say the V sound vvv and to do this

  • you're going to gently bite the inside or the outside of your bottom lip while

  • the air keeps moving out and your voice box box is on vvvv I do not want you to

  • say wwww and that would happen if you rounded your lips too much so your lips

  • are a little bit pulled back and again you're gently biting the outside or

  • inside of your bottom lip and the air is moving out vvv next we're going to move to

  • the I the long I sound do this you're going to open your mouth and then close

  • into a smile vie then we're going to end with Russ and to do this you start with

  • that are if you've watched my videos before you know this you're either going

  • to point your tongue tip down to the bottom of your mouth or flip it back

  • just do not touch your teeth and do not let the tip of your tongue move rrrr your

  • lips should be in a square tense shape and then we're going to relax the mouth

  • for the uh and then end with that s ssss and to do that the tip of your tongue is

  • either pointing down or pulled back away from the teeth again no touch

  • the teeth and the air is going to move out of your mouth virus virus virus

  • virus now I am going to talk about how do you say the word corona we're going

  • to just briefly touch on this because really the lesson today is about the

  • word virus but if you are curious think of three syllables short syllables short

  • syllable the long syllable here kah Rhona corona corona corona and because

  • this would technically be a compound noun you're going to make sure you

  • stress word 1 corona that word is going to be louder longer and higher than

  • virus which will be softer shorter and lower in pitch and those two words are

  • going to link together coronavirus corona virus corona virus so i hope

  • during this cold and flu season you do not get a virus so give it a try I know

  • people are going to notice the difference

  • have you found this helpful please give us a like and share us with your friends

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  • looking for more help we have projects on Google Play and iTunes thanks

  • everyone stay healthy bye

hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's


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発音方法は?VIRUS ? - アメリカ英語の発音レッスン (How to Pronounce ? VIRUS ? - American English Pronunciation Lesson)

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