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  • One night a young boy looks out of his window and see this.

  • He points at it and says, “what's that daddy?”

  • That's an owl!” says the dad.

  • The young boy is so happy to know, “wow, an owlhe says before he goes to sleep

  • for the night.

  • The next morning, he looks out the window, points at this bird, and sayslook dad,

  • an owl!”

  • No, son, that's actually a sparrow!”.

  • As the kid grows up, he continues to see lots of things that can fly and learns different

  • labels for them.

  • This ones a bat and this ones a plane.

  • They can all fly but two of them are birds, one of them is a mammal, and one is a mechanical

  • device.

  • In essence, the boy learns to create categories around things in a way that is meaningful.

  • It's important and useful that he can communicate the difference between an owl and a plane.

  • Let's say I showed you these two colors.

  • What colors would you say they are?

  • Red and blue of course.

  • But, what if I showed you these two colors.

  • Would you not say red and blue?

  • They might be a different shade from the last two colors but it's not meaningful for you

  • to make that categorical distinction at this point in time.

  • I want to share one more example that I used in mywhy focusing is so hardvideo.

  • Normally, you see a glass as a household object that is used to drink liquids out of.

  • But, if you got into a fight at a bar, the glass switches categories from that of a liquid

  • carrier to that of a weapon.

  • At every single moment in your life, your drawing a mental boundary around things and

  • grouping things into categories.

  • The most important thing you'll ever do in life is decide when and how (or how not)

  • to draw these lines.

  • I can categorize my experiences as successes or failures, or I can categorize them as successes

  • and learning opportunities.

  • Businesses play with your categories.

  • If I'm Apple, I want to be connected with the categories of beauty, design, and technology.

  • Politicans play with your categories.

  • If I'm a president, I'll try to fit into certain categories depending on what voters

  • I'm trying to win.

  • I might literally advocate for open borders or closed borders depending on whose vote

  • I want.

  • The scientist plays with categories too, creating new ones and shattering old ones.

  • Darwin showed us that we are not a part from nature, but we are of nature.

  • I'm a man of color and if you hate that, you might put me alongside other things you

  • hate.

  • But you might need my help one day.

  • A lack of willingness to change your categories is dogmatic, and your categories become chains

  • that restrict your growth.

  • On the other hand, your categories may change so wildly that they become meaningless and

  • without something to anchor you, you fall into an endless abyss.

  • Perhaps, the most important category you'll construct is the one of yourself.

  • Every category you impose on the world is one that you also impose on yourself and you

  • decide if you do or don't fit into that category.

  • It's the most important decision you'll ever make.

  • How will you draw the line?

One night a young boy looks out of his window and see this.


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あなたが今までで最も重要な決断 (The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make)

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