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  • Oh my god, I nearly knocked them all over.

  • The hope here, of course, is that inking deals like this can help boost productivity...

  • Rolling!

  • So I'm registering my footprint to this smart door.

  • You said footprint.

  • Fingerprint! Sorry I said footprint.

  • A love hotel? Would you go?

  • With you?

  • Did I mention they sell everything?

  • I definitely need to redo that.

  • Did I mention they sell everything?

  • Give us a song?

  • Imagine all the people...

  • ... has also proven unpopular with the Yellow Vest...

  • ... parties falter in Europe and beyond, many eyes...

  • ... tackle both these...

  • It also saw pensions get their...

  • I feel like it's really loud?

  • Does any one else do this kind of dancing?

  • We're at the global headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, yeah!

  • I took a look...

  • Why did I clap? There's no two cameras.

  • Shut up bird.

  • This is crazy, I can't do it.

  • ... less than 1% of the billion vehicles being ridden today, being ridden?!

  • I feel like that was very colloquial?

  • That's another thing actually, I'm trying not to be too happy.

  • ... on all sides of the aisle...

  • Sorry, ran out of battery there.

  • Oh wow, maybe that's our cue to be done.

Oh my god, I nearly knocked them all over.


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CNBCインターナショナルの2019年ブルーパーズ|CNBCインターナショナル (CNBC International's 2019 Bloopers | CNBC International)

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