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well good morning good morning guy morning today we are taking you on a day
trip we are doing one of the most popular activities here in Villa La Angostura
and that's going to visit Bosque Los Arrayanes yeah it's a famous forest
with cinnamon colored trees like bark of these trees it's like an orange e brown
it's so unusual and some of the trees in that forest are over 600 years old which
is insane that is so we're gonna be taking a boat out there yeah we're
taking a boat out to a particular point on the on the peninsula yeah and then
we're gonna be hiking all the way back and so it's going to be a day of being
out in nature we have absolutely stunning weather today not a cloud on
the sky it's not windy it should be like a phenomenal boat ride it's not gonna be
chomping at all the waters are calm and so yeah we're both really excited to do
so before we get on the boat let's talk a little bit about the different options
to get to the forests on the peninsula so two main options you can either take
the catamaran which is massive it's like a two-level boat yeah or you can take a
smaller private boat with a guide this option was recommended to us by our
Airbnb hosts because you got a bit more information about what you're seeing
where you're going so yeah and then we got down to the port and the guy who
runs these excursions was standing there with information it was funny is like we
were matching our brochures we had man and he had one okay perfect so yeah it's
called Bahia Mansa excursiones about 17 or 18 US dollars yeah and that's to
do the trip one way because we're planning to hike back you can also do a
full excursion by boat but you can also you can also just you can also just hike
it yourself as well you could just walk it they say that takes six hours if
you're right there and back again it's technically it's what it's twelve or
thirteen kilometers one way so doubling that be it'd be a busy day but if you
need to work off the old the asado you've been having yourself yeah but
honestly like we're just standing here at the port and like the views we're
getting yeah the mountains it's stunning it's incredible I think it's it's a good
idea to go by boat at least one way if you can just to get a different
perspective a different vantage point and one last thing to mention we got to
the port by taking a taxi but you can also take public transport the taxi was
before u.s. dollars dollars yeah great value great value for two people
yeah you can also take a collective Oh or you can just walk
before getting on the boat we had to pay the admission to our arrayanes national
park (bosque arrayanes) the cost varies depending on whether you're a foreign visitor
national resident or provincial residents but we pay the equivalent of
nine dollars per person
the boat trip was beautiful truth is it was a perfect day to be out on the lake
there was hardly any wind the waters were calm and the Sun was shining what
else could be asked for we really enjoyed that this was a small group
excursion and that her captain also shared lots of interesting bits of
information about the place as we traveled along the peninsula
practicability era momoyo rectina Sonoma Bigelow Soroka we disembarked at the air
arrayanes forest and went on a short guided walk with her group from this point
those who are planning to hike stayed back and those who are continuing their
boat excursion hopped back on board
guys we have arrived it was a beautiful beautiful boat trip so scenic that was
basically outback filming the journey the whole time redonkulous scenic don't
give us lean action here you can see Parque Nacional Arrayanes and now well
of course we're going to explore the forest the whole trail but but first
teahouse lose something a little warm Mitsuki we need to seek some cake
fortification fortifications we see the tea house is just 100 meters away not
far at all it's already 12 noon so feeling queasy you peckish you imagine
if it was closed oh don't even sing we don't have a
back-up plan so yeah sure hope it's open like back in town at the port they sell
some little snacks like there's shops where you can pick up pizzas or
sandwiches and chips things like that chocolate bars we didn't grab anything
so this is this is our only plan all right guys we got to the tea house and
this is going to be our lunch before us we got to ham and cheese sandwiches and
then two cakes this one is called rogel yep and it's like these layers almost
like a like a cracker or a crumbly cookie with lots of dulce de leche in between
each layer and tons of merengue tons of a giant slice of lemon raspberry tea to stay warm
I'm going to try some of that tea it's chilly outside that's right a little
heater in the corner of the tea house it's gonna warm up before we head out
there yes
the main forest circuit is 800 meters in length takes 30 minutes to complete and
you're on the boardwalk the whole time lots of excursions stop here so
sometimes it can get a little bit crowded but it's always a quick visit so
if you're in no rush and don't mind waiting around a little bit you'll be
able to have the whole forest to yourself
now that we are well-fed we are back on the trail ready to tackle this hike our
lunch was 16 US dollars it was very good but those portions of cake were so big
and so sugary we gave up halfway with a second cake we were defeated by the
lemon pie yeah it was good but yeah just the could more than we can handle
oh my here we are in the middle of the arrayanes forest (bosque arrayanes) and the bark is
really colored like cinnamon it's so crazy it's like an orange brownish wood
so nice imagine coming here during Golden Hour that would only accentuate
the colors pro tip for all you photographers come here who when the
light is soft also a little fun fact for you guys this forest that we are
currently walking through was apparently the inspiration for the forest you see
and Bambi in the Disney movie go and watch that in many many years this is
the inspiration behind it
so this is kind of embarrassing but we are lost on a trail us again she has again like
we're on the boardwalk like to dodo birds
we followed the sign that said trail towards Villa La Angostura back to
town twelve kilometers and we even a full circle well I didn't see a trail
you know what I'm sure there was something we missed
I'm just been taking photos and videos maybe this is like some Disney magic and
were in a haunted forest without exit perpetually trapped doomed to continue
going in circles trail to Villa La Angostura and here it says please lift the
rope pass and close it there we go that's where we made our error oh my
gosh that's with the dodo bird dodo bird incident vamos vamos Wow
as we mentioned the hiking trail from Arrayanes forest to the port in Villa La
Angostura is twelve kilometers in length and takes about three hours to complete
once you get off the boardwalk and onto the trail the path is well marked and
it's a pretty straightforward hike most of the trail was flat the we did
encounter some steeper stretches towards the very end
yeah you can go biking you can do the trail on bike but they say it's medium
to high difficulty well and there's sections of the trail where you have to
carry the bike along the way we saw lots of our arrayanes
trees the most unusual thing about these trees is that when you touch their
trunks and branches they feel quite cool even on a hot summer day this is because
the arrayan has a very thin bark that allows you to feel the SAP that flows
within you really need to test it out for yourself if you ever encounter one
of these trees so time to look at a map so you guys know what we're up to today
exactly so this whole whole thing you see right here is called Peninsula get
the way we took a boat out this way like departing from the port yeah
traveled all around to this end where you have the forest bosque arrayanes that's the
purple trail that's where we got stuck and we thought we are lost and then we
got on the trail and this is where we've arrived just now laguna but that one so
we've only walked a kilometer and a half nine and a half more to go but we're
basically gonna be following this trail all the way back yeah we've got one more
laguna and a lot of more a lot more walking today yeah oh and this peninsula
is on lago nahuel huapi I'm not sure if I've mentioned that already well
thank you for that we are now getting our first glimpse of Laguna but that one
ooh the water looks beautiful it's like an
emerald green inviting I bet it's ice-cold
well guys we have reached the halfway mark kilometer 6 yep this is where it
tells you if you're on your way to the forest think about thinking about your
time how long it's taken you to get here and when is gonna get dark yeah yeah I'm
so tired I can't even you can't formulate sentences yeah we are getting
pretty tired I think we're still better eating than we are at exercise
we passed a lot of bikers along the way and I mentioned that earlier as an
option I will clarify that it's more mountain biking because it's uneven
terrain you're on a dirt trail like sometimes you have weird tree roots and
fallen logs so it's not a smooth cycle if that's what you're envisioning
definitely not a paved path but very beautiful if you do enjoy mountain
biking also the scenery is changing and we are getting a lot more Sun because
the trees are getting smaller now we have a lot more shrubs and just smaller
trees and bushes so not quite as much shade as we had earlier when we started
the trail at the very end but still very enjoyable very very nice and yes on the
words we go the last stretch of the trail it was the hardest because we had
to climb some pretty steep slopes plus we were just generally tired from a long
day of hiking that being said this is also where we encountered some of the
most impressive views of the day and there were numerous lookout points where
we could stop to rest and soak in the landscapes all around us and that was
her trip to the arrayanes forest aka the inspiration behind the movie Bambi
hopefully this video gave you a better idea of what this excursion is all about
as always thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you in
the next video



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