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  • 10 weeks ago.

  • Let's go.

  • Dave Turin made his crew partners.

  • I'd like to give all you guys 5% and a promise they would all make good money in the lost mines of Montana.

  • We're all sitting here looking at the pile of rock, but they struggled to find the gold bridge ground.

  • You promised me 10 to $15 yard.

  • I packed a moment, come out here for this whole bottle with broken equipment and reached breaking points.

  • You're on him 24 7 and everything against us.

  • Forced to change their £400 targets, I really think 200 is reached.

  • They pushed on into Montana's brutal winter about We have 200 for one last chance to take gold home to their families.

  • But loathe, really proud of you guys, Your job.

  • Now it's the moment of truth for the team blood, sweat and tears and everything you can out here on the claim.

  • The last thing you want to do is go home empty handed.

  • I left a lot.

  • Let's get paying job and everything else with wife some behind.

  • But don't make history.

  • I want to follow history.

  • Been a hell of a season, and I'm proud of all you guys before Talk about the gold.

  • I just want to tell you for me, the whole success of this season is what we've accomplished.

  • We have something special.

  • Your old family to me went through a lot.

  • Remember what we left with all in a poem, and all in we were.

  • Regardless of how much golds in that bag, I still feel like we were success, because here's the deal.

  • We didn't hit 200 ounces.

  • We hit 225 points.

  • 25 point way.

10 weeks ago.


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A2 初級

チームは冬の前に200オンスの金塊の目標を達成できるのか?| ゴールドラッシュ:デイブ・トリノの失われた鉱山 (Will The Team Hit Their Goal Of 200oz Of Gold Before Winter? | Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines)

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