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  • Welcome to EV Academy, in which we value education

  • I am Sarah, I am teacher Sarah, and I'm handling IELTS group class

  • In our group class we always give a conducive place or room for everybody to learn

  • At the same time, we make bridges toward our students

  • We make it sure that they are learning a lot of things

  • And we are focusing on lifelong learning

  • In man to man, we basically teach them the theories, and then add some applications

  • So that they'll be ready when they enter the group class

  • Also, for the Taiwanese students they are the studious type

  • So, I mean to say they are more into theories, and dependent on their books

  • By dependent, in a positively way I mean to say that

  • They take their books as their guide on how to study

  • I've had a lot of Taiwanese students before

  • Taiwanese students are one of the most diligent when it comes to attending optional classes

  • As I've experienced because I'm also teaching optional classes

  • We have one in the morning and one in the evening

  • Most Taiwanese students are really interested in joining these classes

  • Not just in there, the specific course

  • It's more fun in the Philippines

  • It's more love in Cebu

  • And it's more learning in EV Academy

  • Welcome to EV!

Welcome to EV Academy, in which we value education


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語学学校のご紹介 - EVアカデミー (The introduction of language schools - EV academy)

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