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  • It's much easier now to gain fame.

  • But it's harder to last.

  • You know, I want to be famous like the Kardashians

  • who are famous for just being famous.

  • Fame, in its earliest forms, is some sense that

  • human beings need something beyond themselves.

  • So they almost invented gods as a way of explaining what happened next.

  • And, if there are gods, there's going to be contact with gods.

  • Some people are going to be closer to them than others.

  • The word celebrity itself in the 1400s

  • still meant the celebration of the sacred.

  • The period where the nature of fame changed

  • from people attributing god-like qualities to it

  • was when Charles I was executed.

  • Something big had changed.

  • And part of that is the sense of self-making

  • that becomes prominent at this period.

  • The idea that you don't have to be rich,

  • you do not have to be an aristocrat to be a person of fame.

  • We begin to enter into a situation where the people become celebrities.

  • He represents the cult of personality that we now know today.

  • Oscar really was a nascent celebrity.

  • His philosophy of life was that the point of life is self-realisation,

  • just as the point of art is self-expression.

  • You have to bring out what it is inside you.

  • The famous people in the 1880s

  • were politicians, scientists, doctors, writers.

  • By 1920, it was singers, sportsmen, actors.

  • And the reason for that is the invention of film,

  • which gives you the illusion of being in touch with somebody

  • and close to them and forming bonds with them, without ever meeting them.

  • Warhol was at the time, in the 60s, creating this real buzz around him,

  • and creating this iconic figure that people flocked to.

  • And he certainly influenced the people and the scene around New York City.

  • And you could think about that today

  • with people who really influence the social scene today -

  • whether it might be somebody like Kim Kardashian,

  • and the followers that she has, who want to look like her physically.

  • There's a draw to wanting to be that figure,

  • wanting to be that famous.

  • Think about Warhol right now in this era that we live in

  • with everybody taking selfies and these images of themselves,

  • and thinking back to Warhol when he filmed himself eating a hamburger.

  • I mean, he was one of the pioneers of turning the camera on oneself.

  • Think about Andy Warhol now with an iPhone.

  • That would be the best Instagram account to follow, right?

  • Why so many people are attracted to celebrities

  • is that we live in an age of profound anxiety.

  • Part of that is wanting acceptance and approval in life.

  • You want to be accepted by people,

  • and you want to be approved by people.

  • Who are the people that have paid most to be accepted and approved?

  • Celebrities.

  • Some people document their life, which means that they don't lie -

  • they just have a camera rolling.

  • And some people create their life, so they actually stage a picture.

  • They actually stage an outfit.

  • I think that this will be the difference between

  • a good influencer and a bad influencer.

  • You have to be real, because people will feel that

  • whatever you're telling them to do,

  • if it's not real and if it doesn't come from your heart

  • and whatever you believe in, they know.

  • I strongly believe that the more you go into

  • the pieces of you that most people would hide,

  • the better of an influencer you are going to be.

  • The more you're sharing things that people are like,

  • "What? I'm that way too."

  • That's when people get excited. That's when they want to follow you.

  • And it could just be that this smaller kind of fame -

  • this idea of finding your niche or your tribe -

  • people may come more and more to value

  • smaller, individual acts of kindness and of love,

  • and become celebrated for them.

It's much easier now to gain fame.


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