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  • So I don't know if it's ever going to be completely possible

  • to be 100% sustainable, but I think you can start off

  • by not ordering as many clothes off the internet.

  • No one needs that many clothes.

  • I think ultimately no, it can't be sustainable

  • because everything is going to have an impact of types,

  • but what we can do is actually radically reduce

  • the impact that it's having.

  • Fast fashion can be described as

  • clothes that come out every single week

  • in order to satisfy the consumer's needs and wants.

  • And as we're finding out, it's incredibly bad for the environment.

  • We live in a world of Instagram where there's just images

  • every second of the day just being pumped onto your feed.

  • And I think that when it comes to clothes,

  • this creates this excitement in the consumer

  • where they constantly need more.

  • I think particularly in the United Kingdom

  • we have a problem with fast fashion

  • and very much profit-driven fashion industry.

  • Ever wanting cheaper and more affordable,

  • more rapid turnaround types of clothings.

  • Something might be half as cheap,

  • but if it lasts for only 25% of the time it's a false economy.

  • Garments are made for lower quality,

  • which means that they're worn less

  • and then actually ultimately thrown away into landfill or incineration.

  • And all of this is very bad

  • for dwindling natural resources on this planet.

  • Just like diversity,

  • being sustainable is a real buzzword right now,

  • and a lot of companies are jumping on that bandwagon

  • because it makes them look good,

  • it makes the consumer feel that they're doing something good

  • when they buy a product as well.

  • On one hand the fashion industry has been very irresponsible

  • in the pursuit of always having new looks and new trends

  • and celebrating obsolescence, some people might argue.

  • But also with that has come a very rapid processing ability

  • and the opportunity is to embrace these new fibres, new processes,

  • new, more environmentally responsible technologies

  • which actually will make for a more sustainable future for us all.

  • Certainly some of the more environmentally sound materials

  • are more expensive but increasingly, as their popularity grows,

  • the actual cost of the fibre and the manufacture

  • will actually come in line with other traditional fibres.

  • I would like to think that the UK has pioneered

  • some of the most radical and innovative areas of fashion,

  • both in production and stylistically,

  • and the opportunity now lies with us to do the same

  • and become global leaders in responsible

  • and accountable fashion too.

  • So I definitely think companies need to be transparent

  • when it comes to how they recycle their clothes.

  • I think that they owe it to us,

  • and I think they owe it to the environment as well.

  • First of all, think about it.

  • Do you want it or do you actually need it?

  • Try and discern between those different states of mind.

  • And if you do absolutely need something,

  • really consider what it is that you're buying,

  • where it's from, what it's made from.

  • Here are some of my top tips

  • on how to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

  • Wash your clothes less often.

  • The average laundry cycle releases thousands

  • of tiny plastic fragments into the waterways.

  • Before you purchase something,

  • make sure that you can really commit to wearing it at least 30 times.

  • Dressing sustainably does not mean that you have to compromise on style.

  • The honest truth is that actually fashion is happening

  • and it will continue happening,

  • so this might actually prompt more creative explorations of the space,

  • more responsible, accountable types of design and consuming,

  • potentially into the digital or the virtual.

  • The fantastic thing about the problem with clothing

  • is we're all part of the problem, but we're also all part of the solution.

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  • See you again soon!

So I don't know if it's ever going to be completely possible


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