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  • Hello, world.

  • My name is Colt Noggin, and I'm joined today by Isaiah Stencil Here at the C s would be fair at Yale.

  • What?

  • You're you?

  • I'm a first year and you've taken see City.

  • Was this your first year Taking seats?

  • 50.

  • Sorry.

  • Doing any computer science programming?

  • I had an interest in high school, but only a little bit of python.

  • But no actual programming experience s Oh, I made a website called Lunch Link that Let's, um Yale students randomly get lunch together and it's designed So where you can meet people outside of your own social group.

  • People you normally wouldn't talk Thio.

  • Um and you can log on and create an account.

  • Um, it's currently in often service, so it doesnt sample from all of the salespeople.

  • Yet that's a future goal for it.

  • And currently, when you go on, you can make your profile and update your profile information with, like your classy eri your college and your major, and it'll tell you how complete your profile is as well.

  • And then to find a link, uh, people, or to have like, a lunch link, you can cook here up here, and you can filter by those fields.

  • So let's say you're nervous and only one of you meet other first years or people in your college us like I McMurray and then find a lunch link I've linked to it.

  • Glimmers, Um, that's just the person's user name.

  • If they were to log in, they would actually see they're linked with you.

  • And currently, this is where it is.

  • You can only say, Finish this lunch.

  • Um, in theory, you can actually communicate with them in person or over the app.

  • Um, but in the future, I want to make it so where at that point, it would send an email to the person.

  • Um, and you can communicate through that email anonymously.

  • So where you actually don't know anything about this person besides their username up until the point you meet.

  • And that way you don't have any bias on who they are, how they think.

  • And it's just a random way to meet new people.

  • Yeah, I like that sort of anonymity aspect to it where you're not able to pass judgment on anybody before you actually meet them.

  • For the first time in school, I think that you touched on on example that you yourself have done using a similar service, so you would have not have Yeah, yeah, or I was talking to him earlier.

  • I actually this is inspired by basically doing this process manually.

  • Me and a couple friends decided, like using the L.

  • Facebook to randomly choose people for each other and just send them an email.

  • And, of course, you could see their email field and know their name, so it's slightly biased.

  • But besides that, it was entirely don't know who they are.

  • And I actually match with Berkeley's writing.

  • Tutor is in her sixties, and it was really fun.

  • Interesting, like our long lunch, something that you probably probably wouldn't organically happen as easily as meeting other freshmen or sophomores, would never actually running.

  • Let's talk about the stack that you've built this website on.

  • So what is this?

  • Implement it in, um, used CS fifties I D environment.

  • Um, and it just uses python along with like HTML pages and some JavaScript toe have, like interactive things, essentially sort of the CCD finance stack more or less like flask and SQL SQL database.

  • Like when you make and register an account it's added to that database.

  • One thing that was really cool was taking the adding new feature to it that we didn't teach in CS 50.

  • That being this progress bar here way don't really necessarily teach that.

  • But it's a bootstrap component that you went out and found an integrated.

  • Yeah, as by just figuring out which of the three fields of a user's registration are knoll.

  • And then you calculated percent is just playing that percentage here.

  • And then, you know, when they fill out against a school going the next right?

  • Yeah, And that was This is actually one of the easiest things for me to do.

  • Like I was telling someone earlier that just making two columns was super difficult.

  • But like doing the bootstrap, updated Progress bar you just used like some ginger in the HTML itself and just do a little simple math and it's done.

  • Make it super easy.

  • Do you see yourself did continue to take more CS classes in the future.

  • Um, I might take some more CS classes.

  • I'm a mechanical engineering major, so there's not much screen, sir, in there.

  • Nice.

  • Now I understand, and I definitely think like any major you have, like a useless in mechanical engineering.

  • Even, even just the logic of, like, programming and thinking.

  • Uh, yeah, it's a really great still have.

  • Awesome.

  • Well, thank you so much as I appreciate it.

  • Thank you, very for interviewing today.

  • Um, this was lunch link, and this is CS 50.

Hello, world.


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