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  • well, John, that's right.

  • You have to go back to the 19 thirties to witness an economic slump as sharp as this one.

  • It is staggering These numbers.

  • About 5.5 1,000,000 people filed for unemployment benefits last week.

  • That was slightly down.

  • If there is any good news to be had here from the week before, but it's still brought that total, as you just mentioned there to 22 million people.

  • Now it took several years for the numbers to reach, not even that peak in the great recession.

  • What's staggering about this is it is all happened in the last four weeks time.

  • Obviously, that's a total nightmare for Donald Trump, who is desperate as we know to get the economy opened up.

  • Interestingly, the way they're doing it here is, rather than in the U.

  • K.

  • Where they're subsidizing or helping to subsidize wages.

  • Here, they're trying to boost unemployment benefits, so that is really making things much more difficult because people are losing their jobs, they're having to seek unemployment benefits and then potentially to get another job as and when this crisis finishes, they are also giving money to small businesses.

  • There was a fun, but ironically, today, that fund has now run out of this Being in America.

  • Politics is, of course, getting in the way and the Republicans and the Democrats of fighting about a way to extend that.

  • So this crisis, this level of unemployment, I'm afraid every economists agree it is only gonna get worse.

  • Shiv on Kennedy Now, after denial comes the crackdown.

  • As cases of Corona virus begins surging in Russia with almost 28,000 infections and 232 deaths, President Putin has announced that the annual celebration of the victory over Nazi Germany may the ninth will be postponed.

  • Other measures include digital permits in Moscow in order to be allowed to leave home.

  • And as our international editor Lindsey Hilsum now reports, it's meant rough tactics and arrests by police against government critics, including one doctor who was detained as she tried to hand out PP toe hospital workers who simply didn't have any.

  • It was a bright cold day in April, but the clocks have not struck 13 in Moscow.

  • Russia's attempts at controlling Corona virus through Orwellian Big Brother surveillance have bean beset by problems, huge traffic jams blocked the streets as police manually check the digital travel passes that since yesterday Muscovites have bean obliged to download.

  • It could take a while outside the Metro.

  • They check the code that shows where you're going and why.

  • Which causes delays and then inside some stations a distinct lack of social distancing.

  • Rapid population growth of the city.

  • The Moscow authorities air using facial recognition in ST cameras to pick out people who should be in quarantine, according to the website of the company, which developed the technology to 100 violators have Bean issued with warnings.

  • Yeah, some unexpected situations like epidemics, Candle a lot off Good six.

  • It will be very useful to the city.

  • Moreover, techniques are also in use tha This month, Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva tried to deliver P.

  • P.

  • E to hospitals in western Russia and was promptly arrested.

  • She's a known opposition supporter and head of a doctor's union.

  • Her detention focused minds on the problems Russian medical star face Dr Minnick stuff on tryingto explain, and she's not being quiet.

  • Quienes you, they should speak about this is offer protection.

  • Essence off really meant Theo issue is more fraught because the Russian government has made a big show of sending medics abroad.

  • Like these military doctors working in Bergamo, in Italy, they even sent aid to New York.

  • Eventually, late last month, President Putin puts on a HAZ mat suit so signal he took the threat of home seriously.

  • Today he met his Security Council.

  • The postponement of celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany shows just how worried he is.

  • Your news is back.

  • In March, a Russian chat show host interviewed the virus Storm, asking if maybe he had arrived in Moscow earlier than the government said on his presence.

  • Had Bean covered up, he fudged a response.

well, John, that's right.


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米国の失業保険金請求額は、ウイルスのシャットダウン以来、2000万件を突破 (US unemployment claims top 20 million since virus shutdown)

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