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  • No way!

  • Good way!

  • Wait!

  • I should motivate I got more to make.

  • Sorry for the wait.

  • You places you let it take You wanna raise a new web straight from outer space?

  • New bitch Bad yours out of shape I'm a white man because they down Bad call You are *** But she called me dad.

  • Wonder why minds put the shirt on by laughing You be posted up or I g sad by past Shorty so bad I had to get her number She had so much as a good brain But she don't go to class drinking at the bottle She don't want no class My bank grows bigger than your man My budget look sicker than your man Fine.

  • Take time.

  • Just the flex girl Wouldn't be the bigger that I am down shirt open because all right now get a handicap for the smooth way Stop!

  • He only wears up When we go, we don't get enough.

  • No, no, no.

  • But you You bad while you the tank holds what?

  • I'm mad folks want a fight.

  • But if you bring up that I'm tracking hold I think I want you the fuck you're talking to I would never ever Fucking *** Who will focus on my head and then I take it You want a focal me book?

  • You talking shit but eh?

  • At me and dropping no end.

  • You can't know why There.

  • I got a whole lot of cheese and not only breast in the crib.

  • And you, mad bitch from the better business to make a bomb maker Average minute Trump going back in his fresh knickers.

  • Get behind me.

  • Come upon my bag.

  • I got a real Hey, how about we want to book me?

  • But I only let him eat it every time you send a long time.

  • Never read it how hard she tried.

  • But you could never beat me.

  • Sure.

  • Open honey cake for the smile way Stop!

No way!


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Wiz Khalifa - Y U Mad (Lyrics) ft.ミーガン・シー・スタリオン、タイ・ドラ・サイン、マスタード (Wiz Khalifa - Y U Mad (Lyrics) ft. Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign & Mustard)

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