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  • Hello, subscribers.

  • Hello, others.

  • It's David up and filmmaker, and I'm about to do something I periodically do.

  • We just read some writing that I wrote a long time ago.

  • It was the 19 seventies, and I had a job from a company called United Technologies to make their CEO relevant.

  • And I came up with this idea of having the CEO make these statements in The Wall Street Journal full page statements that hopefully the public would like that Wall Street German readers would like.

  • And that would make the CEO look like a decent fella, which he was, by the way.

  • So I picked the subjects, and one of the subjects I pick was American women.

  • And why don't I pick American women?

  • Because at this particular time, I think about almost 50% of the college students were women.

  • So women were moving at the college as students and women will dig into the workplace, as many of you know.

  • So I'm gonna honor women in a very unusual way.

  • Take a listen and tell me what you think the most creative job in the world.

  • It involves taste, fashion, decorating, recreation, education, transportation, psychology, romance, cuisine, designing literature, medicine, handicraft, art, horticulture, economics, government, community relations, pediatrics, geriatrics, entertainment, maintenance, purchasing, direct mail, law, accounting, religion, energy and management.

  • Anyone who can handle those things has to be somebody special.

  • She is.

  • She's a homemaker.

  • How did the world of Wall Street troll readers react to this?

  • Millions asked for a hard copy in print.

  • Of course, the homemaker does something incredible, and I got the chance to honor the women who were doing that job at a time.

  • It wasn't exactly under attack, but there was some were making fun of it for sure.

  • What do you think?

  • What do you think today about the homemaker, about the people who do these incredible things and hopefully do them well.

Hello, subscribers.


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デイヴィッド・ホフマンプレゼンツ ホームメーカーを称えるショートピース (David Hoffman Presents A Short Piece Honoring The Homemaker)

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