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  • So first rules help me.

  • Okay, Well, it's just like you cooking a steak that look so easy for you and not as much for May.

  • But there's general rule of thumb for punning is all in the drop.

  • Amazing.

  • So it's literally hit.

  • You're a me to get in there, correct?

  • Just like shape you want.

  • You want to hit that solid party your foot just like he wouldn't soccer and everything.

  • Right?

  • Easy point the nose down a little bit and so it's just I can see that you played a lot of soccer.

  • Yes, and the sense that you may might have done some goalie is something you always see the goalie.

  • Just give that little yet throw, Uh, where is here giving that little throw up?

  • And then the wind that we have causes the wind to take it is correct.

  • And so that's where we we have to focus on holding onto the ball, almost making contact out of our hands.

  • So is directional when your point of those numbers is going nowhere, but correct.

  • You wanted to go right there somewhere in there, and then you gotta play the wind factor.

  • So then then you have punts like this where their turnovers and with the win the way it is.

  • And at our back If we were putting this way the wind so you didn't have a side.

  • Well, this you're hitting at the top.

  • Still wanna hold like this?

  • I think of hitting somewhere right here.

  • So I pay attention to the for me.

  • I'm pay attention to the sea in American football Conference touching.

  • If I was a lefty, I'd probably playing with E of the national football.

  • And so you sit there and drop it.

  • Ball points to maybe 11.

  • 30 on a clock.

  • The clock was laying down beside on side on just exactly like that.

  • So with this wind, it's gonna be difficult, because the wind is pushing this ball and it's not allowed it to turn over.

  • This is my shape bowl.

  • Yes, it is.

  • So, you know, you know a lot about these ones as well.

  • Yeah.

  • I grew up playing that I'm not the 1st 1 to kick a soccer ball here, is it?

  • No, no, no.

  • My overhit Winning the golden.

  • Let's do that, shall we?

  • Come on, man.

  • You have to just move back two meters, so but Oh, you OK?

  • Yes.

  • Uh, you know, the advantage I have is I actually have kick and shoes.

  • Yes, You have clowns.

  • It's on right now.

  • Oh, man isn't your with a lovely get in the kitchen and, uh, thank you.

  • Wear that next time you cook.

  • Now you just get this.

  • Got it.

  • One for the road.

  • Yeah.

  • Get you Just figure it out.

  • So thank you.

So first rules help me.


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