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  • People say  they want to know why.

  • But they really don't.

  • Hey, Jahkor!

  • My father taught me

  • how to take your life out on everybody else.

  • It's dog eat man out there.

  • If he don't learn that in here, he ain't gon' make it.

  • My son  won't be nothing like you.

  • Your old man  used to run pretty tough.

  • Yeah.

  • Some people try to escape,

  • get away from a world  that wasn't safe.

  • I got something to tell you.

  • -What's up? -I'm pregnant.

  • -Yeah? -Yeah.

  • It's crazy  to have nothing to give

  • and want to give everything.

  • She's about to have a baby

  • but you ain't trying to make no money.

  • Yeah, I know you got  a couple bodies on you.

  • If you hungry, I'm gonna put you to work.

  • How about tonight?

  • Jah, stop. Jah!

  • You're just like JD was. I'm through with you!

  • What did you do, Jahkor?

  • Your father wanted  everything for you,

  • and now you have a son  and you ain't even gonna try?

  • If you had all day and a night

  • to understand your life

  • where would you begin?

People say  they want to know why.


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