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  • Where is my mind?

  • It's far away Up in the sky High day Break it on down there we rolling it up I can see my house from appear Who needs me?

  • Don't need Teoh.

  • Me started slow but finally made a manager.

  • Gus chances.

  • I'm taking run with my dog, going in vague and travel well on the faces.

  • Jump in my car, Pull up face And no, I don't call My face is all over Model.

  • None of them basic government.

  • Start looking amazement some.

  • But again, that's what my places started on.

  • Small running from cases can take it back.

  • I can't raise that money.

  • Got Monk trying to chase it from Jake.

  • I want to get paid this one in the same but that's every day.

  • I'm living my life as well as I say I spent the don't want so much on the same.

  • I'm rolling that dang she bought when that drink amount of my brain, we got me a faded love in my life.

  • I'm never going trade.

  • I want success, so I want to be famous.

  • No one stay on your Grandison today, just rolling with damage but time that is taking people these days they easily change.

  • But I say the same cause That's what you make.

  • It started off slow but not finally made a man and chances I'm taking my does Knowing in vacant trouble Well done Faces jump in my car pull up face And no, I don't call her face is all over None of basic government Start looking amazing Where is my mind?

  • It's far away Up in the sky Hot day Break it on down we roll in it I can see my house from a pay Who needs fly like me Don't need Teoh me sundown No, we never come down Bobby boy loud When he come around driving down Malibu Stay driven like the valley You happy cruising that he went in But I'm playing like I'm losing I don't know that you could be confusing talking, talking, talking, choosing money over happiness Abusing, losing your mind Lucy Second and I wake up.

  • I feel like is just wants to Sammy.

  • Let it get me down that if they don't matter no, a slow but not finally made a minute it.

  • Chances are taking my dog knowing in vacant travel.

  • Well done.

  • The faces jump in my car, pull up face and no, I don't.

  • I'm our faces.

  • None of basic government start way through.

Where is my mind?


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