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  • [Why mindfulness is a superpower.]


  • You may have heard this word mindfulness, it's become something of a "buzz phrase" of late.

    「マインドフルネス」をご存知ですか?最近 話題の言葉です。

  • I'm going to give you one simple serviceable definition which is this: mindfulness is the ability to know what's happening in your head at any given moment without getting carried away by it.


  • Imagine how useful this could be.


  • Just as an example, you're driving down the road, and someone cuts you off in traffic.

    一例として路上を運転中 誰かが渋滞中に横入りしたとします。

  • How do you normally react?


  • I think most of us normally react by having a thought, which is, "I'm pissed," and then what happens next?

    通常 多くの人の反応は 「腹を立てる」という考えを持つことです。次に起こるのは?

  • You immediately, habitually, reflexively inhabit that thought.

    すぐにいつもどおり反射的に その考えを宿して。

  • You actually become pissed!


  • There's no buffer between the stimulus and your reaction.


  • With just a little bit of mindfulness in that same situation, you might notice: "My chest is buzzing, my ears are turning red, I'm having a starburst of self-righteous thoughts, I'm getting angry."

    でもちょっとのマインドフルネスで 同じ状況で、「自分の胸が高鳴っている 耳がほてっている」、「自分本位の考えで爆発して怒っている」 と気づけるかもしれません。

  • But you don't necessarily have to act on it and chase that person down the road screaming at them with your kids in the back of your car thinking you've gone nuts.

    でもそれを行動に移して、その人を路上で叫んで 追いかけて、後部席の子どもにあなたの気がふれたと 思わせる必要はないのです。

  • Now you might be thinking: "Don't I need to get angry sometimesaren't I justified?"

    「ときには怒る必要もあるのでは?」 「もっともでは?」と思うかもしれませんね。

  • I would say yes, but probably not as much as you think.

    そのとおりですが ご自分で考えるほどではないでしょう。

  • The proposition here is not that you should be rendered by mindfulness into some lifeless, nonjudgmental blob.


  • The proposition is that you should learn how to respond wisely to things that happen to you, rather than just reacting blindly.

    ここでの提案は 起きた物事に 賢く反応する方法を学ぶことです―盲目的に 反応するのではなく。

  • And that, my friends, is a superpower.


  • How do you get it?


  • The way to get it is through meditation.

    その力を得る方法は 瞑想です。

  • I believe that meditation and mindfulness are the next big public health revolution.

    瞑想とマインドフルネスは 次の大きな公共健康革命になるでしょう。

  • In the 1940s if you told someone you were going running they would've said: "Who's chasing you?"

    1940年代に ランニングに行くと言えば、誰に追われてるのか 聞かれたことでしょう。

  • But then what happened next?


  • The scientists swooped in, they showed that physical exercise is really good for you, and now all of us do it, and if we don't, we feel guilty about it.

    科学者が舞い降り 運動は良いと示したのです。現在は皆が運動をしています。運動しないと うしろめたく感じます。

  • And that's where I think we're headed with mindfulness and meditation.

    そこからマインドフルネスと 瞑想に向かっていると思われます。

  • It's going to join the pantheon of no brainers like brushing your teeth, eating well and taking the meds your doctor prescribed for you.

    それは当たり前の 行動になります―歯みがきや健康的な食事や 処方薬の摂取のように。

  • Let me just close by saying mindfulness is not going to solve all your problems, it's not going to render your life a nonstop of parade of unicorns and rainbows.

    マインドフルネスはすべての問題の 解決策ではないと最後に言っておきます。あなたの人生を果て無き夢の世界に 変えるわけではありません。

  • Nonetheless this is a superpower, and one that is accessible by you, immediately.

    それでもなお これは強大な力です。あなたはこの力を 今すぐに利用できるのです。

[Why mindfulness is a superpower.]


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