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- Tokyo, one of the world's biggest cities.
And what better way to see what a city has to offer
than from up high.
So today I'm gonna show you some of the best places
to see Tokyo, and let's start out with this one behind me.
So to get here, take the subway to Tochomae Station,
located in the basement of the Tower,
or you can a 10 minutes walk from the west exit
of JR Shinjuku station and just follow the underground path.
So there are two towers which you can look out from
and they're both free and the same height.
They also have a pretty similar view,
so just see which one works with your schedule.
Once you've arrived, enter the tower and go to level one.
This is where you will the see the sign for the escalator,
and then take it up to the 45th floor.
Today we will be looking at the view from the north tower.
However, both of the towers have souvenir shops
and places for you to sit and eat.
So this is one of the tallest free
observation decks in Tokyo, and it offers a great
bird's eye view of the city.
You can also see a bunch of famous landmarks,
such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Roppongi Hills,
Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, and a lot more.
And if you have some time on your hands,
don't forget to see the spectacular evening and night view.
So the next one has got to be
my personal favorite on the list.
So let's go on in and see what it's like.
So this building is located in the 51-story headquarters
of Japan's leading advertising company, Dentsu.
The nearest train station is Shiodome Station.
From there you follow the signs to Caretta Shiodome.
Then once you are in the building,
take the elevator to the 46th floor.
This is where the fun begins.
Now, this is one of the reasons why I like
this building the best.
It's because you can enjoy the view from the elevator.
Wow, this is fun!
So when I first went on this, I was quite surprised
at how fast it took off.
If you're not so good with heights, it may be a good idea
to take a few steps back from the glass.
Wow, that's gorgeous!
All right, we're here!
46th floor.
So the 46th and 47th floor
have a number of high-end restaurants.
However, even if you don't eat up here,
you can still enjoy the view.
I love how it has these big giant windows
so it lets you see the view from up close.
You can see a number of famous spots,
like Hamarikyu Gardens, Odaiba in the near distance,
the Rainbow Bridge, Tsukiji before it moves,
and many, many other things.
(lively upbeat music)
And you can't miss the night view from here.
So nice to see you guys.
So the next view I wanna show you guys
is actually not from a building,
it's from a train, and it's a bit of a special train
because there are no drivers,
and it kinda feels like an attraction you ride
at a theme park.
So let's go ride it and see what kind of views it has.
The Yurikamome Line starts from Shimbashi Station
and goes to Odaiba,
and then finally reaching Toyosu Station.
The train is automatically controlled,
so passengers can sit in the very front seats of the train
and enjoy a nice view of the waterfront area in Tokyo.
The Yurikamome Sen runs beside high-rise buildings.
It crosses the Rainbow Bridge,
and you can also see many neat things along the way,
like the big Ferris wheel in Odaiba,
and also the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center.
Next we have the Bunkyo Civic Center's cool-looking
circular observational deck on the 25th floor.
Take the subway to Korakuen or Kasuga Station,
and then follow the underground pathway to the building.
Then take the elevator to the 25th floor
and be amazed by the 270-degree panoramic views
from this building.
So the Bunkyo Civic Center is in a very central location
and you can see a lot of what the city has to offer
from here.
And on a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji
behind the skyscrapers of the Shinjuku District.
And on the other side you can get a view
of Tokyo Skytree, and you can also get a sneak peek
at the attractions offered next door at the Tokyo Dome City.
So don't forget to check that out when you're in the area.
So the last one is a must-go
in the very popular Asakusa area.
First take the subway to Asakusa Station,
and then follow the signs to the Asakusa Information Center.
It's right opposite the Kaminarimon Gate
so it's hard to miss.
And from there you head to the eighth floor
to the viewing deck.
And since Asakusa doesn't have many high-rise buildings,
you can see a 180-degree panorama view,
including a close view of the Skytree,
the Sumida River, and the Asahi Beer Tower.
And on the other side, you get a great view
of the popular Nakamise shopping street
and the Kaminarimon Gate.
You can also enjoy a meal or a drink at the cafe nextdoor
while looking out at the view.
So there you go.
Five views all in one video and they're all free.
So definitely check out some of those if you are in Tokyo,
and please comment down below which one you guys
like the best.
I personally like the Shiodome one.
It just has such a spectacular view
and I just can't believe it's free.
But, yeah, definitely check out some of the views
I mentioned in this video and feel free to comment
down below about upload videos you guys would like to see
on this channel, and I will see you on the next video.
See ya!
(lively upbeat music)


Best Free Tokyo Views

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