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Good morning everybody
So it is a Sunday morning here in Japan
I hope you guys are having a great weekend where ever you are
and I'm currently in front of this building
and you might be wondering, "what are you doing there?"
and I'm going to show you that today
so come along with me
Today I will be visiting the free Japanese classes offered by the city ward
Of course there are lots of ways you can study Japanese
However, I think this is a great way to study and also interact with the locals and your community
So, lets go learn some Japanese
It's been so long since I've actually studied Japanese
There are many different classes offered depending on your level
This one I went to is for a more intermediate to advance learners
Check out your local wards Japanese classes on their home page
and you can also see the other events going on in the community
Japanese locals volunteer to help and teach foreigners here
and it's a great way to build the community between foreigners and Japanese
and to also understand and learn each other's cultures more
This one is the easier version for Japanese learners to read
and this one is the normal news
the one for Japanese learners has hiragana on top of the Kanji
and this is the original news that Japanese read
Apart from the Japanese classes, the local ward also holds international events
and sometimes after the classes you can go on outings with the other members
Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on in and say a few things before I wrap up the video
So a lot of people think that if you just come and live in Japan
that your Japanese will also just naturally become fluent
However, that is not the case
Like many other things in life
it takes effort and it takes time for you to improve your Japanese
and what I see a lot of foreigners do
is when they come to Japan
they tend to stick with people that they feel comfortable around
so, people with similar backgrounds, people with similar languages
and that kind of defeats your purpose if you want to learn Japanese
because you surround yourself with this environment that you're already use to back at home
So what I encourage you guys to do if you want to improve your Japanese is
and really interact with the locals, surround yourself with more Japanese people
because then you can improve your Japanese, right?
you can speak it more!
So, this is why I really like this idea of the free Japanese classes by the local wards
I think Japanese are trying to open up more
and I think it's really nice they're trying to build this community between foreigners and Japanese
and not only do you learn Japanese here
but you can also interact with the locals
you can learn about their culture - the Japanese culture
and you can also share your culture
and also I think at the end of the day, language it's not about just the language
but it's about the much more deeper meaning behind that
the culture, the history, the people
so I really encourage you guys to interact more with the locals, especially if you guys are coming to Japan
definitely check out your local ward
because you will know more things happening around your neighbourhood
and it's always a good thing, to know your neighbours and your local stuff
So, I hope you guys could take something away from this video
and feel free to comment down below about any other videos you would like to see me do
and I will see you guys in my next video
see yaaaa (^-^)/~~


Free Japanese Language Classes + Learning Japanese Advice - internationallyME

26 タグ追加 保存
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