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Hey guys today, we are going to go down Takeshita Street in Harajuku
Hopefully some of the stores will let us film inside, so let's see how that goes it is a Tuesday morning
So hopefully it won't be too busy
But as you can see it is still quite busy, but not as busy as it would be on like a Saturday or a Sunday
Luckily, let's go!
Here is Wego
There are like 700 Wegos all over Tokyo
It's quite popular for simple styles and for cheap clothes
Let's have a look inside!
They do lots of cute kind of simple things for
Quite a cheap price, this is 700 yen
I do like these skirts and as you can see they are quite cheap
They also have a selection of shoes
I like these kinds of chunky shoes
Now this store here is called Paris Kids
It's basically a shop where you can find loads of little small accessories
For very cheap
You can usually get each item for around 300 yen
As you can see everything is pretty much 300 yen
Something that I really like about Japan is that they have non hole pierce....
They have earrings for people who don't have ear piercings
I'm quite allergic to nickel so it's really useful for me because I just can't have my ears pierced but I can still wear earrings
So I really like these cute little earrings that they have
They also have earrings for people with pierced ears but they're on that side
Then there's this big Daiso
Daiso is like Japan's 100 yen store or at least one of them
But you'll find that the things they have in Daiso are quite decent
So let's have a look inside
They've got these kinds of cute things which I guess you can find in one dollar or one pound stores
But then they have things that can be quite useful
As you can see it says here what kinds of things they have
They've got clothing, cosmetics, stationery, health supplies
They have some make up
Then they've got these kinds of nail varnish
I quite like these colours
Then they've got fake lashes which they're kind of famous for
Because they do these cosplay eyelashes that everyone has
Imitation fruit?
Ooh they've got scented candles
I love scented candles
This is quite useful I think it's like simple things for DIY and sewing
They have quite a lot of these
Felt... these kinds of things
Do you like it?
They've got simple stationery
They've got all these kinds of socks
Face towels
They're really soft, feel
These kinds of things that put your hair up with
Look at this body sponge, cute
I've never used it luggage tag
I really like these cute stickers they've got
I think they're really good for makeup looks like if you want to put some makeup... some stickers on your face. They've got these simple ones
Phone accessories
Chargers and things like that
They've got these cute bottles
Which I think are quite adorable
Spoons... This is for rice
Oh to close the milk packet, that's cute I wanna get this
Cute little lunchboxes
They're probably a bit more expensive yeah, this is 600 yen
Which is still really cheap for a pillow
Here we have...
This really cheap shoe shop
These shoes aren't necessarily the world's best quality
But it's nice for if you want to get variety or if you just want to get a simple pair of shoes
They're not half-bad I mean it's not like they break straight away, but they do wear down quite quickly
So let's take a look
They've got these kinds of really cute shoes and they're quite cheap only 2900 yen
I quite like fluffy shoes
I've actually really been wanting to buy shoes like this
So maybe I'll get these in the future
And they have these kinds of platforms
I actually really like these
How much do they cost? 3900
I have these
They cost... 2900
They have quite a lot of these stores that sell quite cheap items
These tend to be kind of "the basic" items
So these kinds of simple shirts
And these kinds of simple skirts
Which I quite like
This is kinda cute
This store is WC
Which is a collaboration between Wego and Chuu a Japanese brand and a Korean brand
They do these really really cute pastel-ly kinds of things
I actually really like this brand
The shirt I'm wearing now is from Chuu
So it's kind of like a mix of the two
Almost the same!
They do all kinds of cute and colourful things
They've got these kinds of dresses
And these simple patterned plain kinds of pastel sweaters
This is kinda cute, just a simple blouse
They've got these cute earrings
They are non-pierce so I could get them
These kinds of cute phone cases
And it is Chuu so they have a lot of Esther Loves You
... stuff
Look, cute!
I like these kinds of pastel skirts
I think these are really cute!
I kinda wanna get it
Japan has a lot of like sock shops
They usually do like 3 for 1000 yen
This is also a lingerie store where they do like... "ooh bunny bra!"
But I think these socks are really useful
They have these kinds of really cute socks for only 1000 yen for 3
So that's quite good
They sell like fishnets and those kinds of stuff too
And simple tights
They've got these kinds of edgy stores
Which I'm not really that into but they're quite cool
And then they have these kinds of really colourful stuff
Which I'm also not really into
This is where they do those famous... the candy floss The rainbow colored candy floss, I've had one before and they're really really sweet
It makes you feel sick, but they're cute!
Then there's another one of these lingerie stores
Yeah they're quite popular
They have these kinds of crepe shops all over Harajuku
They've got lots of kinds of patterned tights and things like that
So getting interesting socks and tights is not very difficult in Tokyo
Here they've got the famous Liz Lisa
I think Liz Lisa is like, sooo cute
And they've always got the... They've got the outlet store
Where they've got up to 70% off sales
Look at that cute sweet shop
Here they've got Style Nanda
And Etude House
This is quite famous for the Korean kinds of make up
Yeah I'm not that into make up
But supposedly Korean make up is quite good
Here's the Sanrio Store
Where they just have the most adorable accessories
Look at these socks
They've got these kinds of cute clothes in Sanrio too
Which I think is kind of Venus style this is really Venus style I think
They have these kinds of capsule stations all over Tokyo
This is another one of these cheap shoe shops
I think they do the same kinds of stuff
Down here they've got Listen Flavour
Listen Flavour tends to be a little bit more expensive
But it's one of the cutest brands
But yeah, this is over 6,000 yen which is a bit more expensive than the other stores that we've seen but it's really cute though
Harajuku is full of these kinds of really cute food places
This here is Pink Latte
It's technically a kids store but their sizes are not that small I think most people can fit into their bigger sizes
So let's have a look, it's actually one of my favourite stores
I quite like these
Only 1900 yen
I like that
I quite like this style
Then they've got two more Wegos
I mean seriously there's so many Wegos around here
Here they've got these crepes
They show you what's inside but obviously once you get the actual crepe its rolled up
They are quite tasty... I think I'm going to get a crepe
What should I get?
Seriously what should I get
I think I'll get custard, banana and chocolate
Do you want a crepe? Are you sure?
I ended up getting a crepe with banana and custard and whipped cream and I think chocolate
And it's supposed to be like a creme brulee
Looks quite good
So.... supposed to be a creme brulee kind of thing
Let's try some
So we pretty much filmed all of Takeshita Street
If you have any suggestions for other videos and places you'd like me to film please let me know
Don't forget to like and subscribe and I'll see you soon!


Showing You The Shops on Takeshita Street in Harajuku!

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